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Objective of Dairy Farmer:
Produce high quality milk
efficient production
earn a reasonable product
environmentally responsible
Quality Milk:
a. Clean
b. Low bacterial count
c. Low somatic cell count
d. No dilution
e. Good flavor
What increases somtic cell count in milk?
harshness of the environment
Environmental protection agency
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation; over a certian # of animal to be considered this
Which state has the most dairy cows?
Which state produces the most milk?
Which state has the lowest milk production per cow?
Factors affecting milk production:
Temp, Humidity, Breed of Cow, Type of feed, Health status, Stage of lactation, # of milkings per day, Climate modification
How many times a day should you milk?
2X or 3X
How many dairy cows in US?
How much milk per cow?
9,112,000; 19,951
WHy has the amt of milk increased when there are not that many more animals?
genetics, feed, and housing improvements
Factors resulting in national trends:
1. Shift in breeds
2. Improved genetics
3. Better formulated diets
4. Greater use of concentrated feeds
5. Better health programs
6. Climate modification
7. Use of rBST
8. Larger dairies