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The Beef Industry in Florida is primarily ___ ____.
commercial cow-calf
When you calve in the Fall it:
increases your expense of calve production
Calves should be _____ ______.
heavy weight.
Rank of Major States: Beef Cows
1.Texas 5.5 mil
2.MO: 2.1 mil
3.OK: 2.0 mil
12. FL <1 mil
Products sold from cow-calf market:
•Weaned calves as stockers and feeders
•Weigh 400-600#
•Market cow and bulls
Production factors of importance to cow-calf industry:
•% calf crop: reproduction
•produce a calve every 365 days
•weaning weights: “mothering”, milk
Florida Feeder Calves go to:
TX, OK, KS and a few others
Stocker Cattle Management also known as:
Growing program using forage:
oInitial weight of calves: 400-600#
oGrazed on pasture for 100-200 days
oCattle gain 1-3 lbs/day during grazing period
oCattle sold to feedlot when weigh 700-900 #
Commercial Feeders:
•Centralized in TX, NE, KS, CO, OK
•Dry climate- no mud, low humidity
•Sparse population of people
•Feed availability- corn and milo, grain and silage
•Large capacity: >20,000 head; some > 100,000
•Feed 87% of the cattle
•Midwest: Iowa, E NE, SD, S MN
•Feed their own calves postweaning or buy calves
•Feed home-grown feedstuffs (corn)
•Small capacity: <1000 heads
Feedyard Industry Production factors of importance:
•Increase average daily gain (ADG) 3-4 lb/d
•Feed conversion (lbs dry feed/ lb gain) 6:1
Feedyard Industry Product Sold:
•Finished cattle (1000-1300 lbs)
o14-20 mo of age, with adequate fat cover
omost want cattle to grade Choice
owant high yielding cattle