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Visceral reflex arc
1. receptor 2. sensory neuron 3. integration (CNS) 4. motor neuron 5. effector
portion 4. motor neuron to the organs (ANS)
somatic efferent vs. ANS
# neurons: somatic efferent has 1 neuron with myelinated axon vs ANS which has 2 neurons; neurotransmitters: acetylcholine vs. acetylcholine and norepinephrine
1st neuron of ANS
pre-ganglionic neuron, cell body in S.c or brain
2nd neuron of ANS
ganglionic neuron, cell body in ganglion, synapse w/ targe cells/organ.
ANS division
Sympathetic - T1-L2 and Parasympathetic - craniosacral div.
fight or flight, preganglionic neurons cell bodies in lat. horn, axons in ventral root. post ganglionic neurons long, branching and in all spinal nerves. neurotransmitters: preganglionic: acetylcholine; postganglionic: norepinephrine
emergency, excitement, excercise
normal maintenance, rest and digest.
location of sympathetic ganglia
sympathetic trunk ganglia, prevertebral ganglia and adrenal medulla
Symp. trunk ganglia - note: to sacrum not just t1-L2
next to vertebral column, all connnected, white rami communicans = ventral rami to ganglion, synapse in ganglion, gray rami communicans = ganglion to ventral rami
sym. trunk extension - ganglia - heart
inferior cervical ganglion = stellate ganglion
main inegration of ANS func
higher affects on hypothalamus
limbic system, and cerebral cortex - frontal lobe = thoughts,
Symp. funcs. reaction, note that parasym. funcs have the exact opposite reaction.
Increase dilation in: heart rate, respiratory rate, bronchioles, iris, blood vessels - mm., adrenal medulla (makes norepinephrin), arrector pili, sphincters (incr contraction), DECR: blood vessels - skin, digestive func, urinary bladder.
Erection, ejaculation are Para. or Sym?
Parasympathetic !