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O: Surfaces at upper 9 ribs at side of chest

I: Anterior aspect of whole lenght of medial border of scapula

A: Abduction,upward rotation
Serratus Anterior
O: Anterior surfaces of 3 to 5 rib

I: Coracoid process of scapula

A: Abduction, downward rotation, depression
Pectoralis Minor
O: Superior aspect of the first rib at its junction with its costal cartilage.

I: Inferior groove in themidportion of the clavicle

A: Stabilization and protection of sternoclavicular joint.
O: Base of skull, occipital protuberance, posterior ligaments of neck, spinous processes of cervical (C7) and all thoracic vertebrae(T1-T12).

I: Posterior aspect of lateral 3rd of clavicle, medial border of acromion process & upper border of scapular spine.

A: Elevation & adduction, fixation of scapula, stabilize glenoid fossae.
O: Transverse processes of upper 4 cervical vertebrae (C1-4)

I: Medial border of scapula above spine

A: Elevation, lateral neck flexion
Levator Scapulae
O: Spinous processes of last cervical (C7) and first five of thoracic vertebrae (T1-5)

I: Medial border of scapula below spine

A: Adduction, downward rotation, elevation
Rhomboid- Major & Minor
O: Suproglenoid tubercle

I: Bicipital aponerurosis, radial turberosity

A: Flexion, supination
Biceps Brachii
O: Distal half of anterior portion of humerus

I: Coronoid process of ulna

A: Flexion (only true flexor of the elbow joint)
O: Distal 2/3rds of lateral condyloid (supracondylar) ridge of humerus

I: Lateral surface of distal end of radius at styloid process

A: Flexion, pronation, supination (from neutral position)
O: Distal part of medial condyloid ridge of humerus, medial side of ulna

I: Middle 3rd of lateral surface of radius

A: Pronation, weak elbow flexion
Pronator Teres
O: Distal 4th anterior side of ulna

I: Distal 4th anterior side of radius

A: Pronation
Pronator Quadratus

I: Olecranon process of ulna

A:Extension and adduction of shoulder joint
Triceps Brachii
O:Posterior surface of lateral condyle of the humerus

I: Posterior surface of upper ulna and olecranon

A: Extension, pull the synovial membrane of the elbow joint out of the way of the advancing olecranon process.
O: Lateral epicondyle of humerus, neighboring posterior part of ulna

I: lateral surface of proximal radius just below head

A: supination
O: Medial half of anterior surface of clavicle, anterior surface of costal cartilages of 1st 6 ribs

I: 2-3 inches wide to outer lip of intertubercular groove of humerus

A: Adduction, Internal rotation
Pectoralis Major
O: Coracoid Process of the scapula

I: Middle of the medial border of the humeral shaft

A: Flexion, adduction, horizontal adduction
O: Entire anterior surface of subscapular fossa

I: Lesser tubercle of humerus

A: Internal rotation, adduction, extension
Subscapularis (rotator cuff)
O:Anterior lateral 3rd of clavicle, lateral of acromion, inferior edge of spine of scapula

I: Deltoid tubersoity of lateral humerus

A: Abduction, adduction, flexion, extension
O: Medial 2/3rds of supraspinatus fossa

I: Superiorly on greater tubercle of humerus

A: Wead abduction stabilization
O: Posterior crest of illium, back of sacrum & spinous processess of lumbar and lower 6 thoracic vertebrae

I: Medial side of intertubercular grove of humerus

A: extension, horizontal abduction, adduction, interanl rotation.
latissimus Dorsi
O: Inferior 3rd of lateral border of scapula

I: Medial lip of intertubercular groove of humerus

A: Extension, internal rotation, abduction
Teres Major
O: Posterior scapula lateral border

I: Greater tubercle of humerus on posterior side

A:Extension, internal rotation, horizontal abduction, stabilization
Teres Minor
O:Posterior surface of scapula

I: Greater tuvercle of humerus of posterior side

A: Extension, external rotation, horizontal abduction, stabilization