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Full Flight
Ladies and Gentlemen, this will be a full flight. We'd LUV to get you to your destination on time, so please do us a big favor and take the first abailable seat.
If you have two carryon items, place one all the way under the seat in front of you and toh other in the overhead bin. Thank you.
Overhead Bins Full
Ladies and gentlemen, the overhead bins in the rear of the aircraft are full. If you have an item that won't fit under a seat, place it in the next abailable overhead bin you see. Thank you.
Prepare for Departure
Flight Attendants, prepare for departure. Please turn off and stow all cell phones.
Reading Lights
We will dim the lights for departue. If you need a reading light press the button above you with the figure of the lightbulb on it.
Cleared For Departure
Ladies and gentelmen, we have been cleared for departure.
Ladies and gentlemen, in a few moments we will begin our inflight service.
A beverage menu is in Spirit Magazine.
Please remain seated while the FASTEN SEAT BELT SIGN is on.

We have lavatories in the front and the rear of the aircraft. If the Blue light on the ceiling is lit, indicating the lavatory is occupied, please wait at your seat.
Fasten Seat Belt Sign On
Ladies and Gentlemen, the FASTEN SEAT BELT SIGN is on. Please make sure your seat belt is fastened.
Fasten Seat Belt Sing Off
Although the FASTEN SEAT BELT SIGN is turned off, please keep you seat belt fastened while seated and pleas be careful when opening any overhead bin. Thank you.
Fasten Seat Belt Reminder
Ladies and Gentlemen, the FASTEN SEAT BELT SIGN is still on. Please return to your seat and keep you seat belt fastened. Thank you.
Portable Electronic Devices
A list of portable electronic devices that my now be used in on the beverage menu page of Spirit Magazine. Cell phone power must remain completely off. Any radio transmission using personal communications devices is prohibited
Final Decent
Ladies and Gentlemen, as we make our final descent into Las Vegas, please fasten you seat belt, raise you seatback and tray table to the full-upright and locked position, and make sure all carryon items are properly stowed leaving the area around your feet is clear.

Please turn off and stow all portable electronic devices until we arrive at the gate.

We will come by one last time to pick up cups, cans, newspapers, and any other trash.

We will also re-stow any pillows or blankets in an effort to expedite our departure out of Las Vegas. Thank you.
Through Flight
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are continuing on with us to Las Vegas, please remain seated. Jack is coming from the back to count you. Once we have an accurate count, you are free to move about the cabin.
Prepare Doors For Arrival
Flight Attendants, prepare doors for arrival.
Return to Gate for Deplaning
Ladies and gentlemen, as you re-enter the airport, please be sure to follow the instructions of station employees. This will help ensure you are accommodated as quickly as possible.
Aft Doors Prepared
Aft doors prepared for arrival.
Dual Boarding Bride
Ladies and gentlemen, if you are in the rear of the plane you may exit through the rear door.