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When did the Frank family enter the annex?
July 6, 1942
When was Anne born?
June 12, 1929
What event forced the Franks to hide in the annex earlier then they planned?
A call-up notice for Margot
What concentration camp were the Annex family transported to first?
What did Anne call her diary?
Who did Anne share her room with?
What were the names of the people living in the Annex?
Mr, Mrs Frank, Mr, Mrs Van Daan, Dussel, Anne, Margot, and Peter.
What did Dussel do for a living before going into hiding?
He was a dentist.
What concentraition camp were they sent to second?
What concentraition camp were they sent to third?
How did Anne die?
What did Mr. Van Daan do before living in the Annex?
He ran a sausage company.
Who tipped the Nazis of the people living in the annex?
Nobody knows.
Who did Anne meet in Bergen-Belson?
Her friend from school, Lies.
What did Anne and Margot put on the walls of their rooms to make them more homey?
Pictures of movie stars and celebrities.
What were the names of the helpers of the people living in the Annex?
Bep Elli Voskuijl, Miep Santrouschitz Gies, Victor Kugler, and Johannes Kleiman.
What company was housed in the werehouses below the Annex?
What did Hitler call the Aryan race?
All people whose ancestors were German.
Where and how did Mr. Van Daan die?
He was gassed in Auswitz
Where did Mrs. Frank die?
She died of exaustion in Auswitz-Birkenau