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Shen Nong - when and who was he?
3494 BC, 1st pharmacologist, his book was Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica (attributed to him)
Who wrote Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica, & when?
Shen Nong, lived 3494 BC, book was written down around 200 CE
Who wrote Nei Jing, what is it?
Yellow Emperor and his chief minister Qi Po, their dialogue.
"Bible" of TCM, no magic, just facts
2 parts -
1) Simple Questions (Su Wen)
2)Miraculous Pivot (Ling Shu)
Which classic says that the goal of medicine is to prevent disease?
Nei Jing (2674 - 2597 BC, Yellow Emperor)
Who was Huang Di?
Yellow emperor (2674 - 2597 BC)
What is Nan Jing?
book written to interpret the Nei Jing (1122 - 207 BC)
It became an acupuncture textbook
What is Chia-Ku-Wen?
carvings of RXs and formulas on turtle shells and bone from 1766 - 1154 BC, discovered 1889 AD
when was paper invented?
150 AD ish
What is the name of 52 RXs for 52 ailments, when was it written, discovered?
Wu Shi Er Bing Fang, discovered 1973, written 300 AD ish
when were the wood and bamboo slips carved?
400 - 221 BC
How many herb categories did Shen Nong describe in the Nei Jing?
3 -
1)long term, tonic herbs
2)mid-term herbs (acute dxs)
3)short term herbs (1 dose)
Who wrote Shang Han Lun, when?
Zhang Zhong Jing, 196 AD
What was Zhang Zhong Jing's book's title and subject?
Treatise on Febrile Disease caused by Cold (Shang Han Lun)

-1st time diagnosis and theory and treatment were together in 1 book
-6 stages of disease discussed
-2 parts
1) Shang Han Lun (theory)
2)Jing Gui Yao Luo (RXs from the Golden Cabinet)
Who was it that like 2/3 of his clan died, so he decided to study medicine?
Zhang Zhong Jing (wrote Shang Han Lun)
What 2 books did Sun Si Miao write, when?
581 - 618 AD
1)'Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang'(Valuable formulas for Emergencies)
2) 'Qian Jin Yao Fang'(Valuable Formulas)
Who wrote Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang? When?
Sun Si Miao - 581 - 618 AD
(Valuable Formulas for Emergencies)
Who wrote Qian Jin Yao Fang? When?
Sun Si Miao - 581 - 618 AD
(Valuable Formulas)
When was the printing press invented?
952 - 1278 AD
What is Bin Hu Mai Lue?
book by Li Shi Zhen about pulses
When did Li Shi Zhen live?
1518 - 1593 AD
What is Ben Cao Gang Mu?
the materia medica written by Li Shi Zhen
52 volumes
2000 substances
no english translation
Who wrote Wen Bing Lun? When?
Ye Tian Shi (1667-1746 AD)
What is Wen Bing Lun about?
Treatise on Febrile disease caused by Heat, describes 4 levels of disease
When did the dynasties fall and China become Republic of? How long did that last?
1911 (lasted till 1949)
When did communism set in China?
When did TCM get to Vietnam?
206 BC - 220 AD
When did TCM get to Korea?
249 - 206 BC
When did TCM get to Japan?
249 - 206 BC
When did TCM get to Germany?
1689 - 1692 AD
When did TCM get to France?
1671 - 1746 AD
Who was the brit that joined Dr Rose-Neil and became the 5 element guru of the west?
JR Worseley (1962)
When did Dr Sidney Rose-Neil open Acupuncture school in England?
When did TCM get to the US?
What frenchman wrote Treatise on Auricular Therapy in 1972?