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muscles of foot:
intrinsic dorsal muscles
extensor hallicus brevis
extensor digitorum brevis
plantar surface muscles:
1st layer
abductor hallicus
abductor digiti minimi
2nd layer
two tendons: FHL, FDL
two muscles: quadratus plantae, 4 lumbricals
3rd layer
3 muscles: FHB, adductor hallicus, FDM brevis
4th layer
interossei: plantar (unipennate-3) and dorsal (bipennate-4)
nerve supply to foot:
cutaneous dorsum
superficial fibular nerve, deep fibular nerve (web),sural nerve (lat, saphenous (med)
cutaneous plantar
tibial-medial calcaneal br, med and lat plantar nerves
motor dorsum
deep fibular nerve
motor plantar
medial planar nerve (4 med); lateral plantar nerve
vessels of foot
dorsalis pedis artery (anterior tibial artery); posterior tibial artery