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Which two animal live on the grasslands?

a. kangaroo and badger
b. fox and puma
c. eland and bison
Eland and Bison
Which animal does not eat other animals?

a. wildcat
b. fox
c. kangaroo
Elands can live for weeks without ____________.

a. sleeping
b. drinking
c. eating
Where does the hippopotamus spend most of its time?

a. under water
b. in grasslands
c. under tall trees
Under water
Which animals might you find in the same habitat?

a. elands and pumas
b. badgers and foxes
c. bison and kangaroo
Badgers and Foxes
A kangaroo uses its pouch to ____________.

a. store food
b. carry its babies
c. carry its eggs
Carry its babies
What is a burrow?

a. a hole in the ground
b. a small nest
c. something to carry things in
A hole in the ground