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what are cordlike attachments to muscles
what are flat sheetlike attachments to muscles
the fixed point of muscle attachment is:
aka head
the movable point is:
minor divisions of origin or insertion are:
the fleshy portion of the muscle is:
what are the types of skeletal muscle movement
extension/flexion adduction/abduction rotation fixation
what are prime movers
muscles that move joints
what are anatagonists
muscles responsible for opposite action, relaxes so movement will be smooth and precise
what are the 2 categories of muscles on the thoracic limb
extrinsic and intrinsic
where do extrinsic muscles originate
on neck and thorax, can extend as far as elbow
where do intrinsic muscles originate
originate/terminate on bones of thoracic limb
what are the extrinsic muscles of the thoracic limb
trapezius, omnotransversarius, rhomboideus, serratus ventralis, sternocephalicus, brachiocephalicus, lattimus dorsi, pectoral
there are 8
what thoracic limb muscle is broad, thin triangular shaped in 3 parts from neck and suprasinous ligament on thorax
what thoracic muscle lies on side of cervical vertebrae, arises from scapula and attaches to wing of atlas
what thoracic muscle is covered by trapezius, 3 parts, fans out on neck/scapular area
what thoracic muscle covers caudal neck/cranial thorax, originates on scapula, fan shaped
serratus ventralis
what thoracic muscle is 2 parts, ventral origin manubrium, inserts on temporal/mastoid in skull
cep = head
what thoracic muscle lies on neck, near sternocephalicus, 3 parts, extends from brachium to head/neck
cep and brachium
what thoracic muscle is flat, triangular, on side of thorax originates on lumbar vertebrae, inserts into humerus
lattimus dorsi
what thoracic muscle is 2 parts, supercial and deep, ventral surface of thorax, connects sternum/brachium
what are the intrinsic muscles of the thoracic limb
shoulder muscles and limb muscles
what are the 4 intrinsic muscles of the shoulder
suprasinatus, infrasinatus, deltoid, teres major
what are the 3 intrinsic muscles of the limb
biceps brachii, brachialis, triceps brachii
what are the major muscle groups of the forelimb and their function
dorsolateral - extend carpus/digits
caudal antebrachial - flex carpus/digits
what are the 7 major muscle groups of the pelvic limb
sublumbar, rump, inner pelvic, caudal thigh, cranial thigh, medial thigh, muscles of the crus
what pelvic limb muscle originates on ventral surface of caudal thoracic and lumbar vertebrae and inserts on os coxae and femur
what pelvic limb muscle group extends between ilium and thigh in several layers and includes the gluteals
what pelvic limb muscle is caudal to hip joint, extends from ischium to femur, includes gemelli
inner pelvic
what pelvic muscle group is grouped around ischiatic tuberosity and runs to medial or lateral thigh
caudal thigh
what are the 3 major muscles in the caudal thigh pelvic muscle group
biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranosus
what is the pelvic muscle group that extends from pelvis and femur to patella and tibial tuberosity. What is the name of the muscle
Cranial thigh, quadriceps femoris
what is the pelvic muscle group that is on medial side of thigh
medial thigh
what are the 4 major muscles of the medial thigh
sartorius, gracilis, adductor, external obturator
what are the muscles of the crus
craniolateral flexors and caudal extensors
what is the calcanean tendon
combo of tendons that attach to calcaneus in lower leg.
what are the major muscle groups of the axial system
head, vertebrae, tail, diaphragm, abdominal and thoraic wall
what are the muscles of the head
facial, masticatory, tongue, pharyyngeal, laryngeal, eye
what are the 3 muscles of the masticatory group
masseter, temporalis - lift mandible
digastricus- lowers mandible
what is the major muscle of the vertebrae, dorsal on trunk
epaxial spinal
what is the major muscle of the thoracic cavity, runs between ribs, aids in breathing
what is the linea alba
point where abdominal muscles come together as sheets of tendons along ventral wall
what is the major plate of the diaphragm
muscolotendinous plate