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What is growth?
An increase in body weight until mature size is reached.
What is development?
The directive coordination of all diverse processes until maturity is reached. Involves growth, cellular differentiation and change in body shape and form.
What is isometric growth?
Growth at the same rate
What is allometric growth?
Growth at different rates. Ex. Crab hands
What is subcantaneous fat?
back fat, you have a lot of control over this
What are the two types of intermuscular fat?
Seam fat and marbling, you do NOT have a lot of control over this
What is mesenteric fat?
KPH%, Kidney, pelvic, and heart. Its an assesment of how much of something is in the cavity.
What is pig fat? Beef fat?
lard, tallow
What is feed effiecient animal?
What are the three phases of prenatal life?
Sex cells


What cells differentiate in the digestive tract, lungs, and bladder?
What cells differentiate in to the skeleton, skeletal muscle and connective tissue?
What cells differentiate into the skin. hairs, brain and spinal cord?
What is an increase in cell numbers?
What is an increase in cell size?
What placenta type has lots of points of connection and is in mares and sows?
What placenta type has one main point of connection and is found in women and rats?
What placenta type has numerous, larger points of connection and is found in ewe's and cows?
What placenta type has a wrap around type of placenta is found in bitches and queens?
What is a freemartin?
occurs when a female is born twin to the male. INFERTILE
What are the three types of tissues?
muscle, nerves, connective and epitherial tissue
What does sigmoidal mean?
S shaped