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a tissue or organ that carries out functions as directed by the nervous system (or endocrine system)
the coordination of input signals, as by summing, to provide a harmonious control of output. (Cellular integration refers to the integration of signals within a cell, and physiological integration refrers to the integration of sensory, central nervous system, and endocrine signals for harmonious control of effectors in the body
control system
sets a level of a particular variable (temperature, blood pressure, muscle force and so on) that is being controlled, they are often but not always stabilizing
a nerve cell; the fundamental signaling unit of the nervous system, like other organ systems, is composed of discrete cellular elements (neurons) that are its fundamental signaling elements
a specialized site of communication between two neurons, between a neuron and an effector, or between a non-neural sensory cell and a neuron
The receptive element of most neurons, which receives synaptic input from other neurons. Most neurons have many, multiple branching dendrites, in contrast to one sparsely branching axon
a molecule that is used as a chemical signal in synaptic transmission
cell body
the portion of a neuron that contains the cell nucleus, also called the soma or perikaryon
A process of a neuron specialized for conveying action potentials (usually) away from the cell body. An axon may be myelinated (ensheathed in myelin) or unmyelinated.