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Why Do Vet Tech need to be able to recognize the body language and postures of dogs?
For safety reason to know what the dog is feeling, thinking, and sometimes what there next move is.
List five of the eight common behavioral problems of dogs.
Attention Seeking, Destruction, barking/howling, roaming,and digging.
What is puberty and when does it occur in dogs?
Puberty is the point in which an animal or human are first capable of reproducing sexually. 6-12 months with dogs
What is gestation? How long is gestation in dogs?
Gestation is carrying young within the female body. 63 days
Why is it not a good idea to overfeed a gestating bitch?
Because overweight females tend to have dystocia (difficult birth)
When do most puppy death occur?
In the first 18 days of life
What are some factors that contribute to puppy mortality?
Excessive licking, cannibalism, neglect, lack of milk, and eclampsia
What are 3 most common nutritional problem in dogs?
Obesity, anorexia, and ingestion of vegetetion
what the most important nutrient? what 3 factors affect water intake?
Water; exercise, weather and lactation.
What are 4 types of commercial dog food?
dry,semi moist,canned, and snacks and treats
What 4 factors that contribute to obesity in dogs?
Nutritional, type of diet, hypothyroidism, and breed and individual temperament
What is allergy hypersensitivity?
Allergies to food
List 4 common allergens
Beef, Dairy products, pork, and cereal grains
List some contributer to neonatal deaths pf puppies
canine distemper, hepatitis, and hydrocephalus
List the 5 developmental stages of a dogs life
Neonatal, transitional, socialization, juvenile, and adult.