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What is the ventral pallium?
Generic term that aplies across species and refers to a structure near the brain's base that responds to hormonal signals and communicates with other parts of the brain that control emotion and memory; contain V1-a receptors, which bond with vasopressin and provide voles, for example, with positive feedback encouraging them to stay monogamous
How was a research team able to pboost the tendency of male prairie voles to remain close to a social partner?
By increasing the number of brain cells with an active form of one particular gene
Why are the benefits of monogamy to male moles?
Males that lived with their mates, and thereby kept them under surveillance, sired most or all of the offspring of their monogamous partners.
Are the majority of mammales monogamous or polygamous?
Polygamous - males try to mate with as many females as possible.
What is a level of analysis?
Each level of analysis potentially contributes one element that could be integrated inot a staisfyingly complete explanation for the bheavior.
What are the four levels of analysis?
Proximate Causes:
1. Genetic-developmental mechanisms
2. Sensory-motor mechanisms

Ultimate Causes:
3. Historicla pathways leading to the behavioral trait
4. Selective processes shaping the history of a behavioral trait
What is a proximate cause?
A factor that causes an animal to behavior one way instead of another during its lifetime
What is an ultimate cause?
Cuases of an animal's behavior that can be traced to events that took place over many generations.
What are the 4 main quesitons for animal researchers?
1. How doe ste behavior promote an animals' abilit to survive and reproduce?
2. How does an animal use its sensoy and motor abilities to modify its behavior patterns?
3. How does an animal's behavior change during its growth?
4. How does an animal's behavior compare with that of other closely related species and what does that tell us about the origins of that behavior?
How are V1aR genes of prairie voles transferred to the ventral pallium of male meadow voles?
A safe viral vector
What was Hardy's hypothesis of infanticide?
The killer males could boost their reproductive chances by leaving the mothers of dead infants with no other adaptive option except ot mate with them.
Besides Hardy's hypothesis of infanticide as a means to speed up the female reproductive process, what were two other explanations offered for infanticide?
1. An abnormal, pathological response to overcrowding
2. A means of population regulation
Who laid out the theory of group selection?
V.C. Wynne-Edwards
Which has a stronger evolutionary effect: individual or group selection?
Individual Selection
What 'period' is infanticide associated with?
The period after take over by a new dominant male