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how can you relieve angina pain by demand and supply
reduce demand by HR, contractility, preload and afterload
increase supply by blood flow
3 types of angina
stable, variant of spasm or prinzmetal, unstable
what is the underlying cause of stable
how does drugs relieve variant and stable angina
stable- lower demand
variant- increase supply
how does nitro decrease demand?
it dilates veins which deceases preload
how does nitro help variant
by relaxing spasm which increases O2supply
3 adverse effects of nitro
headache, ortho hypo, and rflex tachy
how to help reflex tachy after nitro
use BB or CCB
why and how are BB used
decrease demand, - HR and contractibility and used on fixed schedule not PRN
what can a CCB do?
help stable by decrease afterload by relaxing arterioles and reduce HR and contract
help variant by relax spasm- increase supply
when to use dihydropyridine
when BB and CCB combined because these to intensify cardiosuppression
how to decrease risk of MI
use antiplatelet and cholesterol lowering agent
3 drugs that can help stable angina
nitrates, BB, CCB
2nd line- ranolazine- makes heart more effiecent
factors to avoid angina
overexcertion, large meals, stress, cold
2 drugs that can help variant
CCB and nitro
nitro interactions
hypotensive drugs, viagra
help reflex tachy from nitro
CCB and BB
how to discontinue nitro and needed free time if given 3 times during the day- what times
slowly, 10-12 hrs, 8 12 4
example of dihydropyridine
Nifedipine, Amlodipine CCB
difference bt dihydropyridine and verapilmil and diltiazem
hydro (vasodilate only) affect VSM and other affect VSM and heart decreases HR, contract and AV
verapamil can cause
Av block, brady and bad for HF
adverse effect of CCB
reflex tachy esp. dihydropyridine