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True or False.
The current statistics of Obesity in the US is 60% of Adults and 20% of children.
What are the top three causes of increased Mortality and morbidity assoc with obesity?
1. DM
2. HTN
3. Asthma
Pear shaped obesity is
assoc with what characteristics?
Less dangerous
Better airway
No endothelial dysfunction
Android Obesity: assoc with what characteristics?
More dangerous
Impaired endothelial function
Impaired insulin sensitivity due to visceral fat
Worse blood lipid profile
Metabolic syndrome is also called Syndrome X or Insulin Resistance Syndrome; what are 7 characteristics assoc with it?
1. Hyper-insulinemia
2. Hyper-tension
3. Hyper-triglyceridemia
4.Glucose Intolerance
5 Insulin resistance
6. Central obesity
7. Low HDL cholesterol
What is considered a normal BMI?
Overweight BMI?
Obese? Morbid Obese?
NL: 18.5-24.9 kg/m2
Overwt: 25-29.9
Obese: 30-34.9
Morbid Obese: >35
Respiratory effects of Morbid obesity?
Restrictive Pattern: Dec FRC, FEV,ERV, FVC, RLV

Inc V/Q mismatch

Inc O2 consumpt & CO2 production
Inc min ventilation
(supine position causes more problems: TV falls below Closing capacity =V/Q abnormalities= arterial hyposia
What are the three tpes of sleep apnea?
Central CNS
Characteristics of Pickwickian Syndrome?
Chronic Hypoxia
Sleep apnea
Chronic Pulmonary artery constriction(pulm htn)
CHF, Tricuspid Ins., Bivent failure
Venous thrombosis
Pulm Embolism