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What are the ADRs of halothane?
hepatotoxicity, increased myocardial sensitivity to catecholamines
Indications for halothane?
good inhalational anesthetic for kids
Which inhaled anesthetic does not cause malignant hyperthermia?
Contraindications to NO use?
pneumothorax, cannot be used alone
Good anesthetic in renally impaired pt?
Benefits of Sevofluorane?
rapid on/off times, decreases rr (status asthmaticus), does not cause arrhythmias
What effect to halogenated hydrocarbons (inhaled anesthetics) have on respiratory system?
block hypoxic response. decreased SM tone, vascular resistance, mucociliary fxn, tidal volume
MOA of ketamine?
muscarinic antagonist, opiate agonist, NMDA blocker (blocks windup)
Respiratory effects of ketamine/
no hypoxic response blocking
Major benefit of propofol?
anti-emetic, more rapid on/off
ADR for etomidate?
reversible adrenocortical suppression
Why use etomidate?
low cardiac effects
Major drawback to desflurane?
smells funny and causes irritation of airway
Where are esters and amides (LA) metabolized?
esters in tissue, amides in liver
Which is easier to anesthetize: small or large nerves?
Which is easier to anesthetize: peripheral or central nerves?
Which is easier to anesthetize: myelinated or non-myelinated nerves?
Order from 1st to last anesthetized (temp, motor, pain)
pain, temp, motor
1st to last anesthetized? (A, B, C, alpha, beta, gamma, delta, symp)
symp, C, B, delta, gamma, beta, A/alpha
Which local anesthetic has CV toxicity?
Which local anesthetics cause methemoglobinemia? (tx)
prilocaine, benzocaine (methylene blue)
What is the effect of K on local anesthetics?
enchances activity
What is the effect of Ca on local anesthetics?
inhibits activity
Name the ester Las
procaine (short), cocaine (med), tetracaine (long), benzocaine (surface)
Name the amide Las
mepivicaine (short), lidoicaine (med), bupivicaine and ropivicaine (long)