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What are the effects of neuromuscular blockers?
Paralyze only skeletal muscle (not visceral smooth muscle)-can't move or breath, but heart and GI muscle can function; no effect on CNS-no analgesia or sedation.
What are some precautions to take when using a neuromuscular blocker?
Admin after induction of general anes, intubate & ventilate patient, monitor for hypothermia & lubricat eyes.
What are some uses for neuromuscular blockers?
Thoracic, orthopedic or opthalmic surgery. Reintubation in laryngospasm. Not used much in vet med, mostly human.
What is a type of neuromuscular blocker?
What is succinycholine used for?
A neuromuscular blocker.
What does succinycholine do to the muscle?
It's a nondepolarizing muscle paralyzer
What are some characteristics of succinycholine?
Muscle twitch, followed by paralysis, fast onset, short duration, no reversing agent-must wear off.
How does succinycholin work?
It replaces acetylcholine at receptor & prevents receptor activation.
How do depolarizing muscle paralyzers work?
They compete with acetylcholine at receptor site.
Dooes succinycholine have a reversing agent?
Do depolarizeing muscle paralyzers have a reversing agent?
Yes, neostigmine.
Do neuromuscular blockers paralzye skeletal or visceral smooth muscle?
Do neuromuscular blockers have an affect on the CNS?
No, there's no analgesia or sedation.
What do you need to use with neostigmine?
Pre-treat with Atropine.
What are 5 types of neuromuscular blockers?
Succinylcholine, depolarizing muscle paralyzers, gallamine, pancuronium bromide & curare.