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what does the reticulocyte count reflect? A high reticulocyte count would indicate...
the marrow's ability to respond to anemia. A high reticulocyte count would indicate adequate marrow reserve
a hi retic count would be indicative of the following etiologies of anemia (3)
1. hemolysis
2. recovery post-hemorrhage (blood loss)
3. response to Tx (e.g. Fe)
a decreased retic count could be due to... (2)
1. inadequate stores (B12, Fe, folate)
2. marrow abnormality
microcytic definition is MCV < what value? Definition of macrocytic is > what value?
microcytic < 82
macrocytic > 98
normal 82-98
list the microcytic anemias?

Anemia of chronic disease
Iron deficiency anemia
Lead poisoning
Sideroblastic anemia