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What is the MCV in microcytic anemia?
MCV <80
What are the 4 microcytic anemias?
1) Iron deficiency
2) Anemia Chronic Dz
3) Thalassemia
4) Sideroblastic Anemia
What is the MCV in macrocytic anemia?
MCV >100
What are the two macrocytic anemias?
think big

1) B12 deficiency
2) Folate Deficiency
What is the MCC of folate deficiency?
Alcoholic Patient
alcohol blocks methionine synthase
What are the normocytic anemias w/ low reticulocyte count? 2
1) Aplastic Anemia
2) Renal Dz
What are the normocytic anemias w/ high reticulocyte count? 5
1) Hemolytic Anemia
2) Sickle Cell Anemia
3) Spherocytosis
4) G6PD deficiency
5) Microangiopathic