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What to do if guest requests potato instead of side pasta?
Garlic mashed or fried potatoes added for $2
What 3 Items can be added to the Ceaser?
Grilled chicken, salmon, grilled shrimp
How much is side ceasar with entree?
Propor procedure to intro specials?
Monthly and nightly
What sauce on side pasta?
Bolognese sauce
When pasta served?
Between courses
What should you do if something off menu requested?
Ask chef
Describe portabello mushrooms
Thick, meaty, nutty, earthy mushroom
Describe Andiamo Zip Sauce and what served on
Buttery Asjui served on New york strip, filet, and lamp chops
Name 5 ways to increase check average
Sell appetizer, Upgrade liquor, Desserts, Coffee/Coffee drinks, upsell on pasta with meatballs, baked mozz, mushrooms etc.
What to do with seperate checks?
See manager
Most important thing before sending order?
Make sure correct
Where on computer is grey goose martini?
Under grey goose vodka
What to do with coupon?
See manager
Name three scotches
Cragganmore, Talisken, Obon
Describe ruby and tawny port
Ruby is a more fruity port while tarny port is blonde because it is fortified with cognac
Name 3 champagnes
Dom perignon, Moet & Chandon "white star", Vueve Clicquot "yellow label"
Name a desert wine
Framboi, which is a rasberty infused dessert wine
Domestic beers by the bottle?
Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light, Miller Chill, Michelob light, Michelob ultra
4 Steps in bar call procedure?
Rign up drink, set down tix, set up glasses
Name/describe all draft beers in glasses and their sizes
12 and 16 oz Bass, Guinness, black and tan, killian's, sam adams, blue moon, miller light
List non-alcoholic beers
Labatt Nordic, Odoul's
What is the difference between gimlet and martini garnishes?
Gimlet has vodka and lime juice garnished with lime

martini has vodka and dried vermouth garnished with olives
Proper glasses and garnishes?
for long isle, marg, vodka gimlet, gin&tonic, tall captain&coke, spanish coffee
Long island... Iced tea glass w/ lem.

Margarita... Tulip glass with lime, salt on rim optional

Vodka gimlet... rock glass w/ lime

tall capt morg&coke... pop glass w/ lime

Gin&tonic... highball w/ lime

Spanish coffee... reg coffee glass, cin sugar rim, orange & whipped cream
Describe old fashioned setup
served in rock with a packet of sugar, cherry, orange, few drops bitters, smashed to bottom with spoon, add ice, then whiskey
Describe difference in dirty martini
Olive juice
What bottled water? What is sparkling?
Panna water is bottled, San palagrino is sparkling
What is a sweet red?
List at least 3 cordials
Bailey's, Disaronno, Frangelico
What is the King and Queen of Italian Reds?
Borolo and Barbaresco
What varietal is used in chianti?
San Giovese
What nights entertainment?
Wed- Robin Horelock
Thu- Jody Rofoul
Fri>Sat- changes
Propor Procedure for day off?
Fill out one form per day at least 2 weeks in advance
What are the hours?
Sun 10-9, M-TH 11-10, F&S 11-11
How many restraunts?
How many gallons in fish tank?
If you are not the opening server, list steps
Go to hostess podium to see what sections in, take pager, check section, ask 4oclocks what needs to be done
List 6 House wines
Chardonnay - J Lohr
Chianti - Ruffino
Pinot Noir - Carneros Creek
Shiraz - McWilliams
Red Zin - Jewel
Meritage - Sienna
What is grappa?
After dinner drink composed fo teh second pressing of grape, including seeds and stems
What is bloody ceaser?
Bloody mary with clamatta juice
What liquor is in martinis and manhattans? Garnish?
Martini - Gin or vodka, usually vodka in dried vermouth garnished with olive

manhattan -whiskey and sweet vermouth garnished with cherries
Name imported beers served by bottle?
Labatt, Labatt light, molson, heineken, corona, amstell light
Name dry california white wine
Frei Brothers Chardonnay
Name a dry Italian white wine
Santa Margarita Pino Grigio
What's the charge for split entrees?
Whats the cost to add salmon?
Whats the cost to add garlic mash?
What is siciliano style?
Rolled in bread crumbs and served with mogue sauce and wrapped lemon
Whats teh charge for adding grilled chix breast?
What bread is served and what is it served with?
Italian bread with salsa verde (capers, parsley, garlic, olive olio, hot seed
What style salad dressings?
Creamy garlic parm, ranch, blue cheese, rasp. vin., italian vinigrette, balsamic vinigrette
House green?
Mix romaine and iceberg
Asked for chix siciliano? Do what?
Ask chef, should be alright.
Suggestions for vegetarian guest
Linguini w/ tom. basil sauce, paglia w/ no chix stock, manicotti w/ tom. basil sauce
What is osso bucco?
Veal shank served with bone over fettuccini in natural sauce
What cheese is in manicotti
Rigotta, parmesian
Name 3 childrens menu items
Kid chix, grilled cheese, spaghetti
Do we offer pitchers?
What cheese served with chix farfalle?
Describe Gnocchi
Homemade potato dumplings served with palamino sauce, tomatoes, cheese, cream
What meat is in bolognese sauce?
Veal, beef, pork
Describe diffs between tom. basil, marinara, and pomodora
All have fresh crushed tomatoes, tomato basil is simply basil and olive oil, marinara comes with red pepper seed and oregano, and pomodora is baked with pancetta bone for flavor
Describe suppli
Risotto rolled into ball, stuffed with moxxarella, baked, deep fried, and topped with pomodora sauce
What seafood is in the frutti di mare?
shrimps, scallops, muscle, clamari
Whats the charge for sauce not included?
What are straw and grass noodles?
Egg adn spinach
What entrees are garlic mashed served with?
White fish, fillet, ny strip, lamb chops, and pork chops during day
What are the 2 cuts of beef?
NY Strip and Fillet
2 pasta dinners that are spicy?
Frutti di mare and Gambari alla bistro
Describe how banana peppers and sausage served and how it changes with potatatoes
Normally with anchovie garlic sauce, when changed is rosemary demi glace
Describe bruschetta
3 slices italian bread with diced tomatoes, mozarella, parmesian, brushed with garlic butter and baked
What is mogue sauce and what is it served with?
Fresh crushed tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, basil. served on side, cold, with calamari appetizer and anything siciliano
Is the bisque a cream or tomato base? What seafood is in it?
both. clams, shrimp, scallops
Describe buf. mox/
Fresh, lowfat, soft mozzarella
What is remulaud and what is it served with?
White fish, it is stoneground mustard, anchovies, egg