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Define Triumvirate
A system of government where three leaders ruled together.
Octavian was given the name Caesar Augustus by the Romans. What did Augustus mean?
Respected one.
What was an aqueduct?
A system of carrying water from the mountains of Rome to the city.
What did the word Veto mean?
I Forbid!
What were the wealthy in Rome called?
What were the poor in Rome called?
What was the branch of the Roman Republic where the Patricians served known as?
The Senate
What was the branch of the Roman Republic where the poor represented called?
The Tribune
How was Julius Caesar killed?
He was stabbed to death by 60 senators.
What was the Circus Maximus?
It was the race track where Chariot Races were held.
What famous Egyptian ruler fell in love with both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony?
Which two brothers are said to have founded Rome?
Romulus and Remus
How were Romulus and Remus supposedly raised?
By a She-Wolf.
Which famous Roman slave led a revolt against the Roman Army?
What consequence did the followers of Spartacus suffer for revolting against the Romans?
They were crucified.
What empire did the Romans defeat in the Punic Wars?
Which Carthaginian general led an attack against Rome by soldiers on elephants?
Which Roman Emperor had his mother killed, regularly assaulted women while wandering the city streets at night, and performed in plays and athletic contests?
Which Roman Emperor had his men build a wall across England in an attempt to keep the Scottish out?
What landform was referred to as the Roman Lake?
The Mediterranean Sea