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Describe the effects that the geographic of Greece had on the establishment of the Greek city-states
The geography of Greece help them gain with through trade for the own most of the land by the Sea. And though the trade lead to the wealth and this help them build the city-states
Summarize how the early Greeks Knossos Mycenaean, were able to establish trade routes within the Ageon area and how did that lead to the Trojan war
They would set up outpost throughout the Aegean world. They start to become greedy because Troy took control over the vital straits.
Describe the differences between the Athenians and the Spartans, Culturally, polilsy, economics, and military.
Athenians: would have boy attend schools to become Scholars. They ruled by a democracy where a group of selected man. The Athenians were mostly a had a navy as military. Spartans boys were are basically trained thought there childhood to become a warrior. Their Government was ruled over by men over 30. Their military force was basically a land type
Describe the philosophical method of Socrates and be able to explain the point of view the Athenians that felt threatend by him.
A form of debate of debate between 2 individuals with opposing views based on asking and answering quetions to stimualte critcal thinking. The Athenians were threatend because the might start asking questions about their tradations and values
Discuss the role of women in Ancient Greece. Be able to present the view of both Aristotle and Plato on this issue.
Acording to Aristotle they were to run the house hold while the men are gone. Plato belive that the women were to be a signifgin part of society in order for it to move smoothly.
What's your opinion on why Alexander the Great was driven to conquer so many foreign lands.
So he would influence Greek culture and raise more of powerful army to take down Persia empire.
How did geography impact the Athens ability to fight effectively in the Persian war.
There weren't able to get thought the rocky paths so easily and thus they couldn't really doge any attacks.
Read the excerp from Pericles Funeral oration, a speech to honor those who died the first year of the Peloponnesian War on pg 129
Read it twice
Write your own moral to one of Aesop's fables. You will also be expected to discuss what do the fable tell morals historians about the value of ancient Greeks
The Boy and the Wolf
Summarize the importance of the Battle of Thermopylae, Both militarily and its effect on the morale on the Greeks and Persians.
The war cause the Spartans and Atheinas to ignore there diffrences between each other. This allowed the Milltary to cover land and sea.
Darius I
Was the leader of the Persains who caused the Greek city-states to unite for war.
The man who made the speach over those fought in the Peloponnesian War. Also a general of the Antheinas.
the a messengar of war who ran 150 to speak the message of victory over the persians.
start a school dedicate to the study of medicen
The king of persia after Darius
Philip of Macedon
Ruled before alxeander the great.