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What are the physical characteristics of Greece?
mountainous, hilly, many islands
What is the land in Greece like?
mountaious and hilly with not much farmland
Why was the Mediterranean Sea so important to travel?
The land was difficult to travel over.
Where did the Greeks trade?
across the Mediterranean Sea
What is the climate of Greece?
hot and dry and rainy in the winter
In what sea does Greece jut out into?
Mediterranean Sea
What crops were grown in ancient Greece?
grapes, olives, and corn
What is Greece known as the birthplace of?
What is the acropolis?
the highest hill or point in Athens
Where did the farmers have to farm?
on hillsides
What was a huge outdoor semi-circular public theatre cut into natural hillsides that were like our stadiums of today?
What is the famous building with columns in Athens built to house a statue of Athena?
How do we know about the daily life in ancient Greece?
the pictures on pottery and the buildings
Why did the small independent city-states form?
They were isolated because of the mountains.
What is the name of the large Greek island southeast of the mainland?
What are the sports games today that are modeled after the games of ancient Greece?
Olympic Games
Why did the ancient Greeks build temples?
To honor gods and goddesses.
What is a direct democracy?
A government in which people vote to make their own rules and laws.
What did the ancient Greeks specialize in?
Ship building, farming, and making pottery.
On which continent is Greece located?
How often are the Olympic Games held?
every four years
What are five jobs an ancient Greek would have had?
farmer, ship builder, trader, fisherman, sailor
Which city-state was known as the city of education and learning?
What type of landform is Greece since it is almost surrounded by water?
a peninsula
Where did the gods and goddesses live?
Mt. Olympus
Who did the Greeks trade with?
Egypt and nearby communities.
Which city-state was known for the strength of its army?