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On which continent will you find Greece?
What landform would you call Greece?
It is a peninsula
What body of water does Greece border?
Greece borders the Mediterranean Sea.
How does Ancient Greece compare in size to present day Greece?
Ancient Greece was much larger than present day Greece.
By what year was a common Greek culture and language shared across the peninsula of Greece?
By 700 B.C.
What was Greece separated into?
About how many people were in each city-state?
No more than 100,000
Were the city states dependent on eachother?
No, they remained independent and had different governments.
What were 2 things that could be found in each city-state?
A polis, which was the main city, and an acropolis, which is a walled hill where people would go for protection.
Were the city-states always in harmony with eachother?
Although similar, the small city-states often found themselves fighting with one another.
What were the Greeks known for?
The Greeks were good fighters and would be hired by other countries to fight.
What happened when city-states were at war with one another?
They often formed alliances against each other.
What year was the Trojan War?
1250 B.C.
What did people think about the Trojan War until recently?
People believed it to be nothing more than a fictional story.
What epics could the Trojan War be found in?
Homer's epics, "The Odyssey" and "The Illiad."
What was the new way of fighting that the Greeks developed?
They organized themselves into very well trained and disciplined lines.
In a Greek fighting line, what was a single soldier called?
A hoplite
In a Greek fighting line, what were multiple soldiers called?
A hoplite phalanx
When was the Persian War?
490-480 B.C.
What was important about the Persian War?
During this war, there was a rise of Greek power (especially Athens- even though the city was nearly destroyed). The Greek navy became powerful.