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who was lord elgin and when did he buy marbles
english ambassador to the ottomans in constatinople
bought marbles at time of napoleon
how long did turkey rule greece
300 years
when was greek independance
early 19th century
when was greek golden age-
age of pericles who rebuit the parthenon on the acropolis
2500 years ago
(half jerico)
why was it preserved?
church under byzentines
mosque under ottomans
nearly destoyed by venetians when they sacked athens 17century
rebuilt by greeks after indepenndance
tow great sculptors for parthernon
phidias and praxitiles
how did it look different in ancient times
frieze painted , horses had metal reigns-in gold probably
three types of sculpture for parthenon
in the round
low relief
high relief-on metopes
who was god of wine and another characteristic
god allso of irrationality