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Who was Pindar?
A poet from Thebes.
Why was the Trojan war started?
The beautiful wife of the Greek king was abducted.
Who was Sappho?
Female poet that taught music and poetry to girls.
Who did Alexander learn the importance of observing from?
Where were the plays held?
What is a democracy?
A government in which power is held by the people.
What was Socrates in search of?
What is a strait?
A narrow waterway conntecting two larger bodies of water.
In ancient Greece, what were museums used for?
A place to study poetry, dance, and history.
Why did Alexander destroy Thebes?
To give warning of his power.
What did Aristotle study?
Politics, poetry, philosoply
What is the Delian League?
An alliance between Athens and Greek cities.
What did Pindar write about?
People who did great deeds.
What is an oligarchy?
A government run by a few.
How did Plato teach?
By writing dialogues and plays.
What is a colony?
A settlement in one land ruled by the government of another land.
The Partenon is also known as what?
The temple of Athena.
Who was Homer?
A blind poet who wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey.
Socrates interpreted the oracle to mean what?
The truly wise realize how little they know.
What are myths based on?
What do we call the study of human behavior, thought, and knowledge?
Which group was good on land?
The Spartans
The Olympian games honored what?
Honored the gods.
Which group was good at sea?
What are the three types of Greek columns?
Doric, Ionic, Corinthian
What is a monarchy?
A government headed by one ruler, usually a queen or king.
What were gymnasiums used for in ancient Greece?
athletic training, reading, discussion
What is an epic?
A long narrative poem about heroes and their deeds.
Why did Alexander want to spread the Greek culture?
He thought it was the best in the world.
What is a despot?
A person who rules with total and unlimited control.
Why did Alexander become great?
He planted the largest empire.
Who was the first Greek historian?
What is an amphitheater?
A large open-air theater built in a semicircular pattern, with ascending rows of seats built into a hillside.
Where did the gods and goddesses live?
On Mt. Olympus.
The modern olympics encourage what?
Understanding and friendship among the nations.
What were the Spartan boys required to do?
Become a soldier in military troops.
What was an important part of religious festivals?
What is meant by city-state?
A state made up of an independent city and the nearby countryside, as in ancient Greece.
What is the best known building in Greece?
What is a culture?
The way of life of a groups of people, including their customs, traditions, and values.
What is a jury?
A group of people called into court to give a verdict, or decision in a dispute.
What is a myth?
An ancient story that usually explains something in nature.
Who led Athens for 30 years as a democracy?
What is an alliance?
An agreement by persons, groups, or nations to act together for some special purpose or benefit.
The Oracles contained messages from who?
The gods.
The Peloponnesian War was between who?
The Spartans and the Athens.