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Which animal did the Egyptains consider holy?
In which continent is Egypt located?
Which animal mummies have been found in Egypt?
Cats, ibises (birds), crocodiles, monkeys.
Name three reasons why the Nile River was so important to the ancient Egyptians?
1. When it flooded, it left behind rich dark soil for farming.
2. It was a source of drinking water and food (fish and other water animals).
3. It was used for transportation of people and goods.
What did scribes do in ancient Egypt?
Most people couldn't read or write, so they depended on scribes to do this.
Who performed mummification of the dead?
Why did the Egyptians use mummification?
To preserve the bodies for the afterlife.
Before Egypt was united, what were the 2 kingdoms called?
Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt
What is the name of the picture writing used on temple walls and tombs?
What did the Egyptians use for writing paper?
Where were the heart, lungs and intestines of the mummy stored?
In canopic jars.
About how long did it take to build a pyramid?
Approximately 20 years.
Why was the brain thrown away during mummification?
They didn't think it served any purpose.
Why were pyramids built?
To bury and honor dead pharohs.
What body of water is north of Egypt?
Mediterranean Sea
Who discovered Tutankhamen's tomb?
Howard Carter
Who was the most important person in Egyptian society?
Where was Tutankhamen's tomb discovered?
In the Valley of the Kings.