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Africa is the _________ largest continent on earth
Deserts cover ______ percent of the continent
Rainforests cover _____ percent of the continent.
Mediteranean climate is in the _________________________________
North and South
Savannas are ________________ that cover _________ of the continent
grasslands, 40%+
There are two seasons: ________ and _______ seasons
dry, rainy
The savanna is mostly __________ , but also includes _________ and __________
grasslands, mountains, swamps
The Sahel is located ______________________________
at the south edge of the Sahara
the slow process of drying out the soil. (bad for the land)
The first humans lived in the ________________________________
Great Rift Valley
Africans lived a __________ life-style, which means they were ______-_________.
eg. San of Kalahari, Bambuti of rain forests.
nomadic, hunter-gatherers
herding of animals
Agriculture came into existence around _______________
10,000 B.C.E
Climate patterns forced people into the ________ and _______________
savanna, nile valley
Agriculture (allowed permanent settlements) allowed ___________ and _______________
longer lives, higher birthrate
__________ were invented for organization.
Importance of family: _______________________
extended family clan
Religious traditions included:
monotheism and animism
stories were passed on by __________
griots (storytellers)
Desertification of the Sahara forced people into what is now ___________
W. Africa
oldest african city = ______________
Djenne-Djenno abandoned after __________
1400 C.E.