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What are five of the good results of the Punic Wars
1) Lots of money 2) Lots of land 3) Slaves 4) Cheap grains from Sicily and North Africa 5) Now known as master of Mediterranean
What are the two main bad results of the Punic Wars
1) Disaster comes to farmlands 2) Slaves were now in Rome
What happened to the farmlands during the Punic Wars
They were destroyed by the Carthaginian soldiers
What impact did the ruined farms have on the farmers
They could not afford to rebuild so they had to sell their land to wealthy land owners
What was the bad in getting cheap grain from Sicily
Farmers could not compete with the prices so again they had to sell their farms
Describe the employment of large farms
They started having slaves so that the Romans were no longer needed to work the fields nad it put a lot of people of work
Where did the landless poor go and what happened
They landless poor went to look for jobs in the city of Rome and there was the constant threat of riots
Who are the proletriat
The poorest social class of teh Romans made up mostly of landless poor
What did the government of Rome do to keep the proletriat from rioting
Gave them free food and games
What was the problem with a large number of slaves
There was the constant fear of slave revolts
Who was the most dangerous slave revolt led by
What happened when Spratacus revolted
The Romans were beat nine times before suppressing the rebellion
Who stopped Spratacus's revolt
Marcus Crassus
What did the Romans do to set an example to others thinking about slave revolts
They crucified 3,000 of Spratacus's followers
Who was the oldest of the Gracchus brothers
Who was the youngest of the Gracchus brothers
What was Tiberius's strategy for reform
Take land from the rich and give it to the poor
How was Tiberius killed
He was clubbed to death and thrown in the river
What was Gaius's strategy for reform
Weaken the senate
How was Gaius killed
The senate declared him an enemy of the state and killed him and all of his followers
How did army leaders change Rome
They used their armies to stay in power and undermined the republic
How did Marius become famous
He stopped the invasion of the Germanic tribes in 105 B.C.
How many times was he consul
How did Marius help the poor
Allowed landless poor to enlist in the army for 16 years
What was the good about Marius helping the poor
He gave them food, weapons, share of loot, and perhaps land at the end of their services
What was the bad about Marius helping the poor by employing them in his army
Fought for their leader who rewarded them, not for ROme
How did Sulla defeat Marius
Both Marius and Sulla used their armies to occupy Rome and kill off the other's supporters and Sulla won
What did Sulla have the senate do
Declare him dictator for as long as he wanted
Who were the optimates
Patricians, wealthy, conservative Romans
Who were the three main optimates
Sulla, Cicero, and Pompey
What were the populares and who were the important ones
They were the liberals such as Marius and Caesar