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1. Geography of the Arabian peninsula.
- arcoss trade routes between Asia and Africa.
- indian ocean, red sea, and persian gulf
- has lots of OIL
2. Bedouins
- nomads
- follow camel herds
- raided each other and caravans
- believed in many gods and spirits that resided in rocks
- most important rock was in Mecca ( now in the Kaaba)
When was Mohammed born?
571 C.E. (A.D.)
How was he brought up and by whom?
he was an orphan and lived with his uncle. his uncle was a merchant. he later became a merchant and married his boss, Kdadijah
Became interested in religion. Started having contanct with Christians and Jews in his travels. At what age did he start having visions and what was he told?
at age 40 he started having visions. He was told that he was a messenger for Allah.
WHo were his first followers?
His wife, relatives, and friends.
Why did Mohammed flee Mecca?
People in Mecca did not like what he was teaching. (flight= hegira)
Islam spread rapidly. By his dealth how far did Islam spread?
the Arabian Peninsula was Muslim.
His teaching were written down by his followers in what? what language is it written iN?
They were written down in the Koran in Arabic.
Having the Koran in Arabic spread Arabic throughout the Middle East and NOrth Africa. Arabic became the language of whom?
Arabic became the language of poets and scholars.
What is the Muslim house of worship called? what is the tower beside it called? Person who called faithful prayer from the tower is called?
It is called the Mosque. The tower beside the Mosque is called the Minaret. The person who called faithful to pray from the Minaret is called a Muezzin.
The Belief is called?
A person who beliefs in Islam is called?
When Muhammed kept having visions what did Allah tell him?
He told him how people were supposed to behave.
WHat were the five pillars of Islam in order from 1-5?
1. Allah is the only God and Mohammed is his prophet.
2. prayer five times a day.
3. Charity: give to the poor
4. Fasting: no eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset
5. pilgriage of Mecca (hadj)
What was the lifespan of Mohammed?
571-632 C.E.
HOw far was Islam spread in 730? Why did Islam come to a halt in 732?
In 730 Islam spread as far as Spain and Portugal, Palestine, Syria, Middle East and North Africa and as far east as India.
Islam came to a halt because King Charles Martel started a battle between him and the Muslim armies and defeated them in the Battle of Tour.
Name the three different types of Caliphates?
Caliphs= successor of Allah.
Orthodox Caliphates
Umayyad Caliphates
Abbasid Caliphates
What happened when the Umayyad Caliphates murdered Husayn, Mohammed's grandson?
There was a rebellion between the people and Islam spilt.
People who believe that Husayn should have been the next successor of Islam are called?
People who belive that Umayyads were the rightful successors are called?
The Abbasid Caliphate moved to Baghdad and did what?
wealthy trade, invented checks, and the golden age of arts and sciences.