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Trapezius Proximal Attachments
1.Occipital Bone: Superior Nuchal Line, External Occipital Pertuberance
2. Ligamentum Nuchae
3. C7-T12 Spinous Processes
Trapezius Distal Attachments
1. Lateral Posterior 1/3 of Clavicle
2. Scapula: Acromion, Spine
Trapezius Innervations
1. Spinal Accessory Nerve XI
2. C3 & C4 Spinal Nerves
Trapezius Actions
1. Upper Fibers: Scapula Elevation and Upward Rotation
2. Middle Fibers: Scapula Retraction
3. Lower Fibers: Scapula Depression and Upward Rotation
Latissimus Dorsi Proximal Attachments
1. T7-T12 Spinous Processes
2. Thoracolumbar Fascia
3. Posterior Part of Ribs 9-12
4. Ilium- Iliac Crest
Latissimus Dorsi Distal Attachments
1. Ground of the Humoral Intertuburcular Groove
Latissimus Dorsi Innervation
1. Thoracodorsal Nerve (C6-C8)
Latissimus Dorsi Action
1. Shoulder Extension
2. Shoulder Medial Rotation
3. Shoulder Adduction
4. Brings body to arms when climbing
Levator Scapulae Proximal Attachments
1. C1-C4 Transverse Processes
Levator Scapulae Distal Attachments
1. Scapula Posterior Surface Medial border at the Root of the Spine
Levator Scapulae Innervation
1. Dorsal Scapular Nerve
2. C3 & C4 Spinal Nerves
Levator Scapulae Actions
1. Scapula Elevation
2. Scapula Downward Rotation
Rhomboid Minor Proximal Attachments
1. Ligamentum Nuchae
2. CV7 - TV1 Spinous Processes
Rhomboid Minor Distal Attachments
1. Scapula- Posterior surface of medial border at root of the spine
Rhomboid Minor Innervation
1. Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C4 & C5)
Rhomboid Minor Action
1. Scapula Retraction
2. Scapula Downward Rotation
3. Stabalizes Scapula against thoracic wall
Rhomboid Major Proximal Attachment
1. TV2 - TV5 Spinous Processes
Rhomboid Major Distal Attachment
1. Scapula- Posterior surface of medial border from root of spine to inferior angle
Rhomboid Major Innervation
1. Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C4 & C5)
Rhomboid Major Action
1. Scapula Retraction
2. Scapula Downward Rotation
3. Stabilizes Scapula against Thoracic wall
Deltoid Proximal Attachment
1. Clavicle - Deltoid Tubercle
Deltoid Distal Attachment
1. Humerus Deltoid Tuberosity
Deltoid Innervation
1. Axillary Nerve
Deltoid Action
1. Anterior Fibers: Shoulder Medial Rotation and Flexion
2. Medial Fibers: Shoulder Abduction
3. Posterior Fibers: Shoulder Extension and Lateral Rotation
Teres Major Proximal Attachment
1. Scapula Posterior Surface of Inferior Angle
Teres Major Distal Attachment
1. Humerus medial lip of intertubercular groove
Teres Major Innervation
1. Lower Subscapular Nerve
Teres Major Action
1. Shoulder adduction
2. Shoulder extension
3. Shoulder Medial Rotation
4. Holds humeral head in glenoid cavity
Supraspinatus Proximal Attachment
1. Scapula- Supraspinous Fossa
Supraspinatus Distal Attachment
1. Humerus Superior Facet on Greater Tubercle
Supraspinatous Innervation
1. Suprascapular Nerve
Supraspinatous Action
1. Initates and Assists Deltoid in Shoulder Abduction
2. Holds Humeral head in glenoid cavity of scapula
Infraspinatous Proximal Attachment
1. Scapula Infraspinous Fossa
Infraspinatous Distal Attachment
1. Humerus middle facet of greater tubercle
Infraspinatous Innervation
1. Suprascapular Nerve
Infraspinatous Actions
1. Shoulder Lateral Rotation
2. Holds Humeral head in glenoid cavity
Teres Minor Proximal Attachment
1. Scapula middle part of lateral border
Teres Minor Distal Attachment
1. Humerus Inferior facet on greater tubercle
Teres Minor Innervation
1. Axillary Nerve
Teres Minor Action
1. Shoulder Lateral Rotation
2. Holds Humeral head in glenoid cavity
Subscapularis Proximal Attachment
1. Scapula Subscapular Fossa
Subscapularis Distal Attachment
1. Humerus Lesser Tubercle
Subscapularis Innervation
1. Upper and Lower Subscapular Nerves
Subscapularis Action
1. Shoulder Medial Rotation
2. Holds humeral head in glenoid cavity