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Adductor Magnus
-Adducts, flexes, laterally rotates thigh
-O:Inferior rami of ischium/pubis
-I:Linea aspera/medial epicondyle of femur
Longisimus Capitis
-Extends head (together), and turns head side ways.
-O:Transverse process T1-T5and articular processes C5-C7
-I:Mastoid process and posterior margin of crainium
-Elevates hyoid bone, raises floor of of mouth and tounge
-O:Inside surface of mandible from symphysis to molars.
-I:Hyoid bone
Perouneus Longus
-Plantar flexes and everts foot. Supports lateral longitudinal and transverse arches
-O:Upper two thirds of lateral shaft of fibula , head of fibula and superior tibiofibular joint
-I:Plantar aspect of base of 1st metatarsal and medial cuneiform
Psoas Major
-Flexes and medially rotates hip
-I:Middle surface of lesser tochanter of femur.
-O:Transverse processes of L1-5, bodies of T12-L5 and intervertebral discs below bodies of T12-L4
Rhomboid Major
-Retracts scapula
-O:Spines of T2-T5 and supraspinous ligaments
-I:Lower half of posteromedial border of scapula, from angle to upper part of triangular area at base of scapular spine
-Flexes hip and knee, rotates femur miedially,rotates tibia laterally.
-O:anterior superior spine of illium.
-I:Medial aspect of tibial tuberosity.
-Flexes knee, extends hip, medially rotates tibia.
-O:Ischial tuberosity
-I:Medial condyle of tibia, collateral ligament of knee.
Serratus Anterior
-Protraction/rotation of scapula
-O:Eight upper frontal ribs.
-I:Anterior surface of medial border of scapula
Vastus Intermedius
-Extends knee
-O:Superior 2/3 of anterior and lateral surfaces of femur; also from lateral intermuscular septum of thigh.
-I:Lateral border of patella; also forms the deep portion of the quadriceps tendon.