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Integumentary System
(hair, skin, and nails)
-forms external body covering
-protects deeper tissues from the injury
-synthesizes vitamin D
-site of cutaneous, sweat and oil glands
Skeletal System
(bones and joints)
-protects and supports body organs
-provides a framework for muscles
-blood cells formed within bones
-stores minerals
Muscular System
(skeletal muscles)
-facial expression
-maintains posture
-produces heat
Nervous System
(brain, sensory receptor, spinal cord, and nerves)
-fast-acting control system of the body
-activates appropriate muscles and glands
Endocrine System
Glands secrete hormones that regulate
-nutrient use by blood cells
Cardiovascular System
(heart and blood vessels)
Blood vessels transport blood
-carry oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and wastes
Heart pumps blood
Lymphatic System/Immunity
-picks up fluid leaked from blood vessels and returns it to blood
-diposes of debris in the lymphatic system
-houses whit blood cells
-immune response mounts against foreign substances in the body
Respiratory System
(nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchus, and lung)
-keeps blood supplied with oxygen
-removes carbon dioxide
-gas exchange occurs through walls of air sacs in the lungs
Digestive System
-breaks down food into absorbable units that enter the blood for distribution to body cells
-indigestible foodstuffs eliminated as feces
Urinary System
-eliminates nitrogenous wastes
-regulates water, electrolyte, and acid-base balance of the blood
Male and Female Reproductive Systems
Overall function is to produce offspring
-testes produce sperm and male sex hormones
-ovaries produce eggs and female sex hormones
-mammary glands produce milk