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Define Fibrous (collagenous) c.t.
Dense regular: tendions/ligaments Dense irregular: dermis of the skin
Define Transitional Epithelium
C: looks cuboidal when contracted L: urinary system F: to stretch distension
Define Adipose c.t.
Store fat, insignificant matrix, subcutaneous and around kidneys, heart and behind eyeballs
Define Simple Columnar non ciliated
L: lining of gall bladder and duct leading to it F: movement of bile, secretion, and absorption
What makes up the Matrix of Areolar c.t.
Semi-fluid g.s. with hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, all 3 types of fibers
Define Simple Columnar with goblet cells
C: secreting tall L: small and large intestine F: absorption, secretion, lubrication
Define Wharton's Jelly
Not as widely scattered, found only in umbilical cord, provides support for blood vessels
Define Pseudostratified Cilliated Columnar with goblet cells
C: looks like stratified L: respitory epithelium F: movement, secretion, protection
Define Mesenchyme C.T.
Can become any type, semi-fluid matrix, found throughout the fetus
Define Statified Squamous
Location: Surface of Skin lining of mouth will be kerantized at times Function: protection
What is the location and function of Areolar c.t.
Dermis of the skin and to provide protection, store water/salt
Name the 4 types of adult C.T.
1: C.T. proper 2: Cartilage 3: Blood and Lymph 4: Bone
Define Reticular c.t.
Fibroblast cells, semi fluid g.s. inside spleen, liver, bone marrow, provides internal framework
Define Simple Squamous
A connective tissue found always under basement membrane acts like the glue
Name the 5 types of cells found in Areolar C.T.
Fibroblast, Macrophage (histiocyte white blood cells), Mast Cell (hystamine), Adipocyte, Plasma Cell
Define Endocrine Gland
C: secretes hormones through blood L: thyroid F: to secrete hormones
What are the 2 types of Embryonic C.T.
Mesenchyme and Wharton's Jelly
Define Stratified Cuboidal
C: least common L: ducts of sweat glands (pseduriforous) and mammary F: protection, seretion
Name 3 types of specific simple squamous
Endothelium: lining of blood vessels Endocardium: Chambers of the heart Mesothelium:lining of ventral body cavity serous fl
Define Exocrine Glands
C: secrete onto epithelium tissue L: mouth, sweat gland F: to secrete by 3 methods
Define Simple Columnar w/cillia
C: single layer tall cells L: lining of fellopian tubes, central of spinal cord F: movement of something across
Define Statified Columnar
L: male urethra, mammary and mouth F: protection and secretion
Define Simple Cuboidal
C: square cells L: kidneys, ducts, small glands F: secretion, absorption
Define Pseudostratified Columnar
L: Eustachian tubes, epididymis F: Protection, Secretion
Name the 2 types of Glandular Epithelium
Endocrine glands (ductless) Exocrine glands (ducted)
Define the 3 methods of secretion of Exocrine glands
Holocrine: entire cell explodes Merocrine: secrete only cell intact Apocrine: top part of cell gets secreted as well
Are the cells in Bone
Blood Cells
Are the cells in cartilage
Name the 3 types of fibers in a matrix
1: Collegenous 2: Elastic 3: Reticular