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what does sensory (afferent) innervation of the skin of the neck come from?
4 branches of the cervical plexus
what is the nerve point of the neck?
where the 4 sensory (afferent) innervation branches of the cervical plexus emerge from
where is the nerve point of the neck located?
midway on the posterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle
4 branches of the cervical plexus that provide sensory (afferent) innervation of the skin of the neck
Greater auricular nerve, lesser occipital nerve, transverse cervical nerve, supraclavicular nerves
greater auricular nerve
runs posterior and parallel to internal jugular vein towards the external ear; C2, C3
external ear
lesser occipital nerve
moves up to the area behind the ear; C2, C3
occipital area
area behind the ear
transverse cervical nerve
goes across the neck towards the midline; C2, C3
supraclavicular nerves
medial, intermediate, lateral. Descends over the clavicle towards the 2nd costal cartilage; C3, C4
cervical plexus is made up of
loops of nerves connecting adjacent spinal nerves (ventral primary rami) of C1, C2, C3, C4
testing of sensation around clavicle, or just inferior to clavicle
tests C3 and C4, NOT T1
4 muscles that make up the floor of the posterior triangle
splenius capitis muscle, levator scapulae muscle, posterior scalene muscle, middle scalene muscle
anterior scalene muscle
is part of the anterior triangle
spinal accessory nerve
cranial nerve XI, runs along levator scapulae muscle, innervates SCM and trapezius