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What is the cell?
The basic structural unit of all living organisms.
What are the four primary categories of cells(also tissue)?
Muscle, nerve, epithelial, and connective
What is tissue?
Aggregate of a single cell type (the general cellular "fabric" of any organ or structure).
What are the different types of muscle tissue?
Striated and smooth
What are the different types of epithelial tissue?
Stratified or simple squamous epithelium, quboydal, and columnar
Name some connective tissues?
Skin, fat (blood vessels), tendon, and bone
What is HC/HERDA?
A genetically recessive disease in quarter horses that has been linked to one stallion. It is loss in collagen function where sores develope. There is a break in the skin tissue.
What is an organ?
Four kinds of tissues arranged in various proportions. Often organized into smaller, similar subunites called funtional units.
What is an organ systems?
A collection of organs that together perform an overall unified function (reproductive system).
What is the internal environmnet?
A conduit through which every individual cell is connected to the external environment.
What are the body fluid compartments?
Intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid
What fluids are in the extracellular fluid?
Interstitial fluid and blood plasma
What is homeostatsis?
Relative constancy of the internal environment where changes occur but the magnitude of changes are small
What is homeostatic control system?
A collection of body components that function together to keep a physical or chemical property of the internal environment relatively constant (body temperature).