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Which of the following are true of cardiac muscle tissue?
Excess intake of oxygen following extensive muscle activity is referred to as
Oxygen Debt
The neurotransmitter involved in skeletal muscle contraction is called
Which area(s) within sarcomeres are potentially lost during complete muscle contraction
H Zone and I band
A difference in charge across the membrane of a cell is referred to as
Membrane Potential
The protein calsequestrin functions by sequestering _________ back into the _________ ________________ following muscle contraction.
Sarcoplasmic Reticulum
The__________ surronds groups of 10-100 muscle fibers and separates them into bundles called ______________.
What attaches muscle to bone?
Which of the following are true of sensory neurons
Carry information to the CNS
The resting membrane potential of a typical neuron is
Divisions of the autonomic nervous system include which of the following
Sympathetic Nervous System
Parasympathetic Nervous System
IPSP's and EPSP's are collectively added up at the
Trigger Zone
The type of impulse conduction along unmyelinated axons is called
Motor neuron ganglions are located in the
Spinal Cord
The part of the brain that maintains equilibrium is the
The major function of the __________ is to relay sensory impulses from the spinal cord to various regions within the brain.
The innermost meninge is called the
Pia Mater
The type of neuronal circuit in which on epresynaptic neuron synapses with several postsynaptic neuron is referred to as a
Divergent Circuit
Association neurons that carry information about pain and temperature run in the
Spinothalmic Tract.
Most reflex integration occurs within the
Spinal Cord
The __________ _______________ serve as reflex centers for movement of the eyes, head and neck in response to visual stimuli.
Corpora Quadrigemina
The period of time during which a second action potential cannot be initiated is referred to as the __________ __________ ___________
Absolute Refractory Period
The sympathetic and parasympathetic are what divisions of the autonomic nervous system
Which of the follwing are tru of preganglionic sympathetic neurons
Very Short
Parasympathetic postganglionic neuron cell bodies are typically located in
Terminal Ganglions
Axons of preganglionic parasympathetic neurons exit the CNS where
Brain Stem
Special senses neurons are typically what type
Olfactory impulses are integrated within
Brodman's area
The ability of a muscle to stretch without being damaged is referred to as
The name of the enzyme that shuttles phosphate from creatine to ADP in muscle fibers is
Creatine Kinase
The type of muscle contraction where the muscle develops tension but does not shorten is referred to as an
Isometric Contraction
The muscle fiber membrane is called the
Stimulation of a skeletal muscle at a rate of 20-30 times per second results in:
incomplete tetanus
The oxygen binding protein within muscle fibers is called
The release of the phosphate group from the myosin head results in
Power Stroke
The space between the end of the neuron and the muscle fiber is referred to as the
Synaptic Cleft
The structures to which the filaments attach in smooth muscle are called
Dense bodies
A brief period following stimulation when a muscle temporarily loses its excitability and cannot respond to another stimulus is referred to as
Refractory Period
The pain in muscles due to over-exercise is caused by
Lactic Acid
The structural protein that makes up the center line of each sarcomere is called
A motor neuron plus all the muscle fibers it stimulates is called a
Motor Unit
Tiny invaginations of the muscle cell membrane are called
Transverse Tubules
A cell in which there is no difference in charge across the membrane is said to be
Terminal end bulbs of a presynaptic neuron can synapse with which of the follwing regions on a postsynaptic neuron?
Axon Hillock
Axon Terminal
Which of the following are multipolar neurons?
Motor and Association
M and H gates control what ion movement?
Cerebral spinal fluid is located in the
Subarachnoid Space
The connective tissue covering that surrounds bundles of axons is called
The area within the brain where speech is produced is referred to as
Brocha's area
An inflammation of the meninges results in a condition known as
Chemically-gated ion channels are controlled by
The __________ __________ is located between the vertebra and the outermost meninge.
Epidural Space
Which of the following must happen in order to have proper taste sensations
Olfactory sensation must also contribute
Ingested Materials must be dissolved.
The primary funciton of the ear ossicles (malleous, incus, and stapes) is
Conduct sound waves to the inner ear.
Sound waves exit the cochlea via the
Round Window
The structure in the eye where there is the best visual acuity is the
Macula Lutea
The gland that is the major integrating lik between the nervous system and the endocrine system is the
The pancreas is both an _________ and an _____________ gland
Exocrine and Endocrine
The lack of ADH potentially results in the condition know as
Diabetes Insipidus
Hormones that are secreted locally and acto on the cells that secreted them are called
The most important hormone during pregnancy is
Steroid hormones are derived from
What type of cells produce the hormones T4 and T3
The hypothalamus is connected to the pituitary by a thin stalk referred to as the
Which area of the adrenal gland produces epinephrine?
Lack of T3 and T4 potentially results in the condition known as
Cholinergic neurons release the neorotransmitter
The primary flavors are
Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salt
The ________ __________ is responsible for stabilizing pressures on the tympanic membrane
Eustachian Tube
_______ _________ produce tears to prevent dessication and debris from damaging the eyeball.
Lacrimal Glands
The two types of photoreceptors located within the retina are _______ and _________.
Rods and Cones
Lack of growth hormone potentially results in the condition commonly referred to as ___________ __________.
Pituitary Dwarfism
Hormones made by the hypothalamus include _____ and __________
ADH and Oxytocin
Release of posterior pituitary hormones is by _____________ stimulation from the hypothalamus
The hormone responsible for secondary female characteristics is