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dorsal carpal branch of ulnar artery:
transitions from palm to dorsum to contribute to the dorsal carpal rete

which supplies the carpal bones
palmar carpal branch

of ua
supplies the wrist
deep branch

of ua
completes the deep palmar arch
superficial palmar arch:
**main supply for fingers**
3 common digital arteries from ulnar artery ==>
6 proper, + 1 proper that goes to the pinky

=> 7 proper digital arteries total
superficial palmar branch

of ra completes
the superficial palmar arch
radialis indices goes to radial side of
index finger
instead of common digital arteries, the branches of the radial rete are called
dorsal metacarpals,

which split into dorsal digitals
radial artery emerges on the palmar side after passing between
two heads of the 1st dorsal IO muscle
perferating branches of the palmar metacarpal arteries supply:

the dorsal metacarpal arteries on **the dorsal side**
deep palmar arch supplies:
palm and wrist,

where palm = IO muscles
palmar metacarpal arteries feed into the common digital arteries, but also supply the
**dorsal metacarpal arteries**

via perforating branches
***ulnar artery supplies: ***
1. hypothenar muscles


2. fingers (via superficial palmar arch)
***radial artery supplies:***
1. thenar muscles (ABPB, FPB, OP) via superficial palmar branch

2. thumb via princeps pollicus

3. palm (IO's) and wrist (via deep palmar arch)
***radiocarpal joint = ***

=> flex/ext, AB/add of wrist
articulating surfaces of wrist =

scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum
***palmar carpal ligament***
most important ligament of the hand

the dorsal carpal lig. and both collateral ligaments are weak
intercarpal, midcarpal, carpometacarpal, and intermetacarpal ligaments are all
plane joints,

***except for the CMC of the thumb, which is a saddle joint (only one)***
blood supply to wrist and hand:
dorsal carpal rete,

both palmar carpal branches, of ulnar and radial

and deep palmar arch
nerve supply to wrist/hand:
MCP joint:
connects head of metacarpals to base of PP's

4 kinds of ligaments support the MCP joints:
1. palmar plates/ligaments

2. collateral ligaments

3. fibrous digital sheaths,

4. and the deep transverse metacarpal ligament
collateral ligaments of the fingers are tightest during:
3 kinds of ligaments support the interphalangeal joints:
palmar plates

collateral ligaments

fibrous digital sheaths
Interphalangeal joints are _______ joints
blood supply to fingers =
digital arteries
nerve supply to fingers =
digital nerves

**know where they come from**
palmar plates/ligaments:
fibrocartilagenous flaps that are attached to the more-distal IP,

**only cover** the more proximal bone

-protect joints, are sites of ligament attachment
the deep transverse metacarpal ligament attaches to
the palmar plates
opposition/reposition of thumb is basically flexion/extension;

weak opposition ~

strong opposition ~
only opponens pollicus

opponens pollicus + thumb flexors
power grip = fist,
wrist in neutral position
precision grip ~ detail; muscles used =

and wrist is extended