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The integument is seperated from the deep fascia around the other organs by (the)

a)cutaneous membrane b)dermis c)epidermis d)hypodermis e)n.o.t.a
d) hypodermis
Which of the following is not an accessory structure of the integument

a)nails b)sweat glands c)hair d)sebaceous glands e)teeth
e) teeth
The epidermis in a section of thick skin includes the following five layers. Put them in order basement-surface
1)stratum granulosum 2)stratum lucidum 3)stratum corneum 4)stratum germinativum 5)stratum spino sum

a)3,2,5,4,1 b)1,2,3,4,5 c)1,3,5,4,2 d)4,5,1,2,3 e)5,4,3,2,1
d)stratum germinativum,stratum spino sum,stratum granulosum,stratum lucidum, stratum corneum
The keratinized stratified squamos epithelium of the skin is called (the)

a)dermis b)epidermis c)hypodermis d)papillary layer e)a.o.t.a
The epidermis is composed of which type of epithelium

a)stratified cuboidal b)simple squamous c)stratified squamos d)simple columnar e)transitional
c) stratifeid
Which of the following cell types is not found in the epidermis

a)melanocyte b)Langerhan's cell c)Merkel cell d)keratinocyte e)fibroblasts
The most abundant cells in the epidermis are

a)keratinocytes b)Merkel cells c)Langerhan's cells d)melanocytes e)a.o.t.a
a) keratinocytes
Two types of sweat glangs in the skin are

a)adrenal and holocrine b)holocrine and endocrine c)merocrine and apocrine d)apocrine and endocrine e)sebaceous and merocrine
merocrine and apocrine
Sebaceous glands are often associated with

a)hairs b)merocrine sweat glands c)nails d)apocrine sweat glands e)a.o.t.a
The most widely distributed type of sweat gland on the body is (the)

a)myoepithelial gland b)apocrine sweat gland c)merocrine sweat gland d)ceruminous gland e)n.o.t.a
c)merocrine sweat gland
A hypodermic needle would penetrate the skin in what order

a)epidermous, reticular, papillary b)papillary, reticula,epidermis c)reticular papillary, epidermis d)epidemis papillary, reticular e)n.o.t.a
d)epidermis, papillary,reticular
Nerve fibers in the skin are found in which of the following layers

a)papillry b)epidermis c)reticular d)a.o.t.a e)n.o.t.a