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Cranial Nerve I
Cranial Nerve II
Cranial Nerve III
Cranial Nerve IV
Cranial Nerve V
Cranial Nerve VI
Cranial Nerve VII
Cranial Nerve VIII
Cranial Nerve IX
Cranial Nerve X
Cranial Nerve XI
Cranial Nerve XII
The motor cortex is located in this section of the brain
Frontal Lobe (precentral gyrus)
Structures passing through the Foramen magnum
spinal cord, spinal root of XI, vertebral a & v, anterior spinal aa & vv, posterior spinal aa & vv
Structure passing through the Hypoglossal canal of the occipital bone
XII (hypoglossal n)
Structures that pass through the JUGULAR FORAMEN
IX,X, XI, internal jugular v, inferior petrosal sinus.
Structures that pass through the internal auditory meatus of the temporal bone
VII, VIII, internal auditory a & v.
Structures passing through the optic foramen of the spheniod bone
II, opthalmic a
Structures passing through the superior orbital fissure in the spheniod bone
III, IV, V1, VI, superior ophthalmic v.
Structure passing through the foramen rotundum of the spheniod bone
Structures passing through the Foramen Ovale of the spheniod bone
V3, accessory meningeal a, lesser petrosal n
Structures passing through the foramen spinosum of the spheniod bone
middle menengeal a & v
S: Skin
C: Connective Tissue
A: aponeurosis
L: Loose C.T
P: Pericranium
Formal name for the ligament connecting the occipitofrontalis' frontal and occitpital bellies.
galea aponeurotica
Tough, thick external fibrous layer of the cranium
dura mater
Thin intermediate layer of the cranium
arachnoid mater
Delicate internal vascular layer; not seen in lab
pia mater
The visible boundary between the frontal and the parietal lobes.
The central sulcus
Anastomosis found in brain
cerebral arterial circle of Willis
Order of flow through the Circle of Willis
Anterior cerebral, anterior communicating, internal carotid, posterior communication, basilar, vertebral
Name the three unpaired bones of the face
vomer, frontal, mandibular
Name the four sutures of the skull
Coronal, Sagittal, Lamboidal, Squamousal
Function of the frontalis m.
raise brows and wrinkle forehead
Function of the occipitalis m.
raise brows
Function of all three auricular Mm.
wriggle ears
Function of procerus m. of the nose
wrinkle nose up in disgust
Function of zygomaticus m.
used in smiling
Function of levator labii superioris alaeque nasi m.
Elvis' lip
Function of risorius m.
big grin - retracts the actual angle of the mouth
Function of mentalis m.
pouty lower lip
The muscle of the mouth used for puckering lips
orbicularis oris
The cranial nerve responsible for the gag reflex
CN IX (glossopharyngeal)
Innervation of the platysma m. and function
cervical branch of the facial n.; depression of mandible and angle of mouth
The three branches (in order) of CN V (trigeminal)
V1: Ophthalmis
V2: Maxillary
V3: Mandibular
Name the saying to help distiguish between motor, sensory, and mixed between the CN.
Some say Marry Money But My Brother Says Bad Business Marry Money