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Photoreceptors lie at the (back/front) of the retina.
(T/F) retina is a pigmented tissue.
F - retina itself is transparent. RPE is pigmented
Name all layers of the retina in order (9).
RPE - retinal pigment epithelium
OS - outer segment of photoreceptors
IS - inner segment of photoreceptors
ONL - outer nuclear layer
OPL - outer plexiform layer
INL - inner nuclear layer
IPL - inner plexiform layer
GCL - ganglion cell layer
ONF - optic nerve fibers
What type of cells in the ONL?
nuclei of photoreceptors
what type of cells in the OPL?
synapse between photoreceptors and 2' cells
what type of cells in the INL?
nuclei of horizontal, bipolar, and amacrine cells
what type of cells in the IPL?
synapse between bipolar and ganglion cells
what are optic nerve fibers?
axons of ganglion cells
where do Muller cells come into play?
outer/inner limiting membranes (major glial cells of retina)
Describe how photoreceptors are distributed in the retina
not evenly distributed
cones: v low density nasally/temporally; more cones present in periphery but more densely packed in fovea - no blue cones in fovea

rods - more in periphery, none at fovea

opposite density
where are rods most densely packed?
15 degrees eccentrically
what is unique about the fovea?
- no blue cones
- no rods
- no capillary bed present in the center
- blood supply from choriocapillaris
- retina thinnest here
How many cones are present in each retina? Rods? Optic nerve fibers?
cones: 6 *10^6
rods: 130 *10^6
optic nerve fibers: 1.3 *10^6
Why is the retina said to have a dual blood supply?
central retinal artery and choriocapillaris supply afferent portion

efferent: central retinal vein + choriocapillaris
where is the BRB located?
between choriocapillaris and retina