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What are three muscle functions?
1. movement
2. produce heat
3. maitain posture
what is the state of partial muscle contraction called? what is this for?
tonus, for maintaining posture in a stationary position
what are the three types of muscle
1. cardiac
2. viceral (smooth)
3. skeletal
which types of muscle are involuntary
cardiac and visceral
which types of muscle are striated
cardiac and skeletal
what are the three parts of a muscle
1. belly
2. origin
3. insertion
origin vs insertion?
origin=proximal, less movable

insertion=distal, more movable
what are the three types of connective tissue and what do they attach to
1. endomysium-muscle fiber(cell)
2. perimysium-fascicles
3. epimysium-fascia around entire muscle
what gives the muscle attachments strength
the continuity of the fibers
what is the striated appearance of muscle fiber due to
the arrangement of thick and thin myofilaments within the cells.
what are possible roles a muscle can have
1. prime mover (agonist)
2. antagonist
3. synergist (steadier)
4. fixator-(maintain)
flexion vs extension?
flexion=away from anatomical position

extension=toward anatomical position
abduction vs. adduction
abduction=away from midline

adduction=toward midline
rotation vs. circumduction
rotation=movement around axis

circumduction=involves flexion, extension, ab and adduction
what is an immune disease that causes muscle weakness
myasthenia gravis
what is a genetic disease that causes muscle weakness?
muscular dystrophy