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Region of body between Neck and Abdomen
Outer wall (thoracic wall/cage) Boundaries
□ Anterior - sternum, ribs
□ Lateral - Ribs
□ Posterior - 12 Thoracic vertebrae
□ Inferior - Diaphragm
Outer wall (thoracic wall/cage) Functions
□ Protective of thoracic and part of the abdominal viscera (the organs inside the abdominal cavity)
□ Respiration
□ Supportive of the upper limb
Outer wall (thoracic wall/cage)
Blood Supply
1) Posterior Intercostal aa.
2) Anterior Intercostal aa.
□ Internal Thoracic aa. (aka Subclavian aa.)
Outer wall (thoracic wall/cage) Venous Drainage
1) Anterior Intercostal vv.
2) Posterior Intercostal vv. - empties into the Azygous vv.
3) Azygos vv. - empties into the superior Vena Cava
Outer wall (thoracic wall/cage)
□ Intercostal nn. (aka Thoracic Spinal nn.) - these are the simplest spinal nn.
Pulmonary cavities strictly contain
the lungs
is the midline between the two lungs.
- The central compartment of the thoracic cavity.
- Heart, trachea, esophagus, Vagus nn., Thymus, Sympathetic Trunk, Aorta, Azygos
Lung Parts
- Left - 2 lobes
-Right - 3 lobes
- lobes are separate and can be removed
- airway from nose and mouth to thorax.
- Divides into 2 bronchi
- Bronchi divide into Lobar Bronchi
– Lobar Bronchi divide into segmental bronchi
the Serous Membrane in the Thorax.
- reduces friction btwn organs.
Parietal Pleura is... the side of the "balloon" attached to inner side of Thoracic cage
Visceral Pleura is... the side attached to the lung
Collapsed lung is... the result of air getting into the Pleura.
- Create a Vacuum in the Lungs by enlarging the Thoracic Cage in a:
- Transverse direction by movement of the ribs (Ribs are elevated by mm.)
- Anterior-Posterior direction
- Superior-Inferior direction by the Respiratory Diaphragm.
Respiratory Diaphragm works by...
Diaphragm contracting builds up pressure to expel air by increasing the size of the thoracic cavity Superior to Inferior
Respiratory Diaphragm INN:
INN: Phrenic nn. from C4, C5, C6.