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Eye Brow bone
Supraorbital foramen
tiny holes above eyes
coronal suture
spilts skull into anterior and posterior
frontal sinus
hole in inside of skull bone right behind eyes
frontal bone
forhead bone
parietal bone
middle half of skull
sagittal suture
spilts skull into left and right halves
lambdodial suture
back suture
temporal bone
ear bone
mastoid process
behind ear
styloid process
skinny hook next to the mastoid process
zygomatic process
(on temporal) small bump
exteral auditory meatus
inbetween the styloid process and the mastoid process
internal auditory meatus
3rd hole from the left of the foramen magnum!
carotid canal
bottom outside of the skull underneath styoid process
foramen lacerum
big holes above the foramen magnum (make eyes of mean face)
occipital bone
back bone of the skull
external occipital protuberance
bump on the back side of your head
occipital condyles
bumpy patches outside of the foreman magnum (on the outside)
foramen magnum
big hole!!
jugular foramen
holes on the left and right side of the foramen magnum! (inside)
hypoglossal canal
dents on the left and right side of the foramen magnum! (inside)
ethmoid bone
behing lacrimal bone
cribriform plate
crista galli
looking down into the skull... between frontal bone the spongy stuff

the actual bone
Sphenoid bone
looks like a butterfly
sella turcica
foramen ovale
right above the foramen lacerum
make the eyebrows of the mean face
inferior orbital fissure
hole up the the left of teeth (underside)
medial/lateral pterygoid plate
before teeth on the underside
zygomatic bone
cheek bone
temporal process
bump on the zygomatic process
palatine bones
behind the palate (roof of mouth)
upper teeth bone
bone inbetween the sphenoid on the underside of the skull
chin bone
mental foreman
holes in chin
mental protuberance
butt of chin
temporomandibular joint
where mandible meets the temoral