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supplies the hard palate
greater palatine artery
innervates the hard palate
greater palatine and nasopalatine nerves
supplies the soft palate
greater and lesser palatine arteries (maxillary), ascending palatine artery (facial), and palatine branch of ascending pharyngeal artery
lesion that deviates the uvula to the opposite side
vagus nerve
site of origin of embryonic thyroglossal duct
foramen cecum
innervation of vallate papillae (front of sulcus terminalis)
glossopharyngeal nerve
extrinsic & intrinsic innervation of the tongue (except for the palatoglossus)
hypoglossal n.
palatoglossus innervation
vagus n.
lesion that deviates the tongue toward the injured side
hypoglossal nerve
general sensory innervation of anterior 2/3 of the tongue
lingual n.
taste sensation of the tongue
chorda tympani
general and taste innervation of posterior 1/3 of the tongue
glossopharyngeal n.
retracts and elevates tongue
depresses and retracts tongue
protrudes and depresses tongue
elevates tongue
deciduous teeth distribution:
2 incisors, 1 canine, 2 molars in each quadrant (20 total)
permanent teeth distribution:
2 incisors, 1 canine, 2 premolars, 3 molars in each quadrant (32 total)
innervation of maxillary teeth
anterior, middle, and posterior superior branches of maxillary n.
innervation of mandibular teeth
inferior alveolar branch of mandibular n.
pain referred to the ear caused by a mandibular teeth abcess or infection irritates what nerve?
symptoms of sinusitis w/ toothache is caused by irritation of what nerve?
maxillary n.