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WHat are some functions of the skeleton?
1)dictate body shape
2)provide for Calcium storage & release.
3)provide for hematopoesis
4)fat storage (yellow bone marrow)
5)provides resonance to the voice (pneumatic bones)
What are the 3 parts of the skeleton?
Axial-skeleton (skull,vertebral column,ribs and sternum)

Appendicular-limb bones

Accessory- heterotopic skeleton
What are some characteristics of bone?
Highly vascularized and very dynamic form of connective tissue.
How does bone occur?
As compact bone (cortex) & cancellous bone (medullary cavity)
What is bone composed of ?
ground substance (allows significant accumulation of salt deposits) 60-70% of bone's weight
What is the principal crystalline component in bone?
hydroxyapatite- a form of calcium phosphate
85% of the inorganic components of bone
How are bones classified?
long, short, flat and irregular
What is the diploe?
space representing the marrow cavity of a flat bone
What are the general parts of the long bone?
articulating surface
physis- growth plate
What are the articular & non articular surfaces of long bone capped with?

What is the medullary cavity lined with?
articular-hyaline cartilage

Where is the nutrient foramina located in the humerus, radius, Ulna, femur, Tibia and fibula
Humerus-midcaudal diaphysis

Radius-caudally at junction of proximal & middle thirds of bone

Ulna-cranially at distal extent of radial notch

Femur- caudally at junction of proximal and middle thirds