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which two special grips involve the opposition of the thumb?
power and precision
the palmar aponeurosis originates from which 2 structures?
flexor retinaculum and palmaris longus
how many different sets of fibers are involved in the palmar aponeurosis? What is one of the functions of the aponeurosis?
3; keep skin tight to palm
Dupuytren's Contracture results from shortening and fibrosis of which structure of hand?
palmar aponeurosis
which three muscles comprise the thenar eminence? By which nerve are these innervated?
abductor pollicis brevis, flexor pollicis brevis, opponens pollicis brevis; median nerve
which three muscles comprise the hypothenar eminence? By which nerve are these innervated?
abductor digiti minimi, flexor digiti minimi brevis, opponens digiti minimi; ulnar nerve
which thenar muscle is outside the thenar eminence? By which nerve is this innervated?
adductor pollicis; ulnar nerve
where do the muscles of the thenar eminence originate? Insert?
on the flexor retinaculum and scaphoid/trapezium; abductor and flexor -- base of proximal phalanx of thumb, opponens -- body of its metacarpal
where is the adductor pollicis located spacially compared to thenar eminence?
medially and deep
what are the two classes of intermediate muscles?
interosseous muscles and lumbricals
where do the lumbricals insert? By what are they innervated?
lateral sides of extensor hoods; medial two by median nerve, lateral two by ulnar nerve
how many interosseous muscles are there? By what are they innervated?
seven; ulnar nerve
the intrinsic muscles of the hand are responsible for what action at the MP and IP joints?
flexion; extension
do the dorsal interossei muscles abduct of adduct the fingers? The palmar interossei?
abduct; adduct
the superficial arch of the palm lies deep to which feature? The deep arch lies superficial to which feature?
palmar aponeurosis; metacarpals
which arch, superficial or deep palmar, is most important? Which is more distal?
superficial; superficial
the superficial and palmar arches branch off to form which arteries? These then branch again to form which arteries which supply blood to fingers?
common palmar digital arteries; proper palmar digital arteries
what is the name for the arterial branches given off by the deep palmar arch that join the common palmar digital arteries?
palmar metacarpal arteries
what is the name for the vascular network on the posterior aspect of the hand?
dorsal carpal network
the radial nerve supplies sensation to which parts of the hand? What is the motor function of the radial nerve in the hand?
lateral portion of the dorsum of hand and proximal parts of the lateral fingers; it has NONE
when the median nerve enters the hand, it divides into what branches? These innervate which parts of the hand?
palmar digitial branches; palmar surface of the lateral 3.5 fingers and dorsum of their terminal phalanges
what is the name for the branch of the median nerve that innervates the thenar eminence?
recurrent branch
ulnar nerve branches into what upon entering the hand outside the carpal tunnel?
superficial and deep branches
to which area of the hand does the ulnar nerve provide sensory innervation?
palmar aspect of the medial 1.5 fingers
what is the name for the sheath surrounding the flexor pollicis longus? What is the name for the sheath containing the other long tendons in the hand?
tendon sheath of the flexor pollicis longus; common flexor tendon sheath
surrounding the digitorum tendons that are on the fingers, what will one find, from deep to superficial?
synovial sheath, fibrous digital sheaths
the extensor digitorum tendons form how many branches at the middle phalanx?
the extensor hood is an expansion of which tendons?
extensor digitorum
what is the name for the purulent infection in the pulp of the distal phalanx? What does this lead to?
felon; septic tenosynovitis