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location inferior and posterior to stomach, extends from the duodenum to the spleen
Exocrine Pancreas
____ ___:
-secrete ___ ___ into ducts
-secretions reach duodenum via ___ ___
-enter the duodenum via the ____ ____
-release is controlled by hormones from the duodenum
exocrine cells:
-pancreatic enzymes
-pancreatic duct
duodenal papilla
-hormones, duodenum
Pancreatic enzymes:
-pancreatic _____ breaks down _______
-pancreatic _____ breaks down complex _____
-pancreatic _____ breaks down _____
Hepatic Blood Supply:
-1/3 of blood supplied to live is O2 rich ____ ____ from the ___ ___
-2/3 is nutrient-rich but O2 poor ____ ___ from the ____ ____ ___
arterial blood, hepatic artery

venous blood, hepatic portal vein
Hepatic Portal System
-blood travels from ______ of the ____ and _____ via the hepatic protal ___ to ______(capillary-like vessels,2nd capillary bed) in the ____
capillaries, stomach and intestins
sinusoids, liver
functional unit of the liver
liver lobule
composition of lobule:
1.______:___ ____ from walls of cells
hepatocytes: liver cells
composition of lobule:
2. ____: ____ between walls of hepatocytes that ___ blood
sinusoids: spaces, drain blood
composition of lobule:
3. ___ ____: ____ between hepatocytes within a wall that _____ bile
bile canaliculi: spaces, drain bile
Liver Drainage:
-____ drains out the liver via the ____ ____ into the ___ ___ ___ and on to the heart
-___ drains out of the liver via the ___ ____ and on to the gall bladder
blood, hepatic veins, inferior vena cava

bile, hepatic ducts
Gallbladder and Bile Duct System:
-____ travels from ___ __ via the ___ ___ to the ______
where it is ____ and ______
bile, hepatic duct, cystic duct, gallbladder

stored and concentrated
Gallbladder and Bile Duct System(2):
releases bile via the ___ ___ ___ into the duodenum via the ____ ____
common bile duct via the duodenal papilla