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Osteology & Fasciae
Forearm (antebrachium is defined as the part of the upper limb between the
elbow & wrist
The two bones of the forearm are the
radius & ulna
The radius is located laterally and is characterized by a ____&_____
it rotates around the stationary and medially located ulna
proximal head and a distal styloid process
The proximal end of the ulna has two prominent projections the ____& ____process, which bound the deep trochlear notch
the olecranon and coronoid process
Uniting the radius & ulna is a strong fibrous sheet called the
interosseous membrane
Distal ends of the radius & ulna is the carpus (wrist) composed of ___bones
Proximal row of bones (laterally to medial) consists of the
scaphoid, lunate triquetrum & pisiform
Distal row of bones (lateral to medial consists of the
trapezium, trapezoid, capitate and hamate
A strong transverse band of anetbrachial fascia the ___
stretches between the pisiform and scaphoid proximally & between the hamate & trapezium distally
flexor retinaculum
Flexor retinaculum forms an osseofibrous _____which contains the median nerve & tendons of three muscles
carpal tunnel
Five ____articulate with the distal carpal bones and form the major part of the skeleton of the hand
Meatacarpals articulate the ___.
Thumb (pollex) has two phalanges and the remaining digits have ____ each
Muscles of flexor forearm
On the anterior aspect of the forearm muscles act primarily on the ___jt and jts of the ___.
wrist and digits
The actions of the forearm mus are indicated by name except for
Palmaris longus (flexes at the wrist)
Forearm muscles are organized into superficial & deep groups are innervated by either ___nerve (6.5 mus) or ____nerve (1.5 mus)
median nerve or ulnar nerves
All muscles in the superficial grp take origin through a common tendon from the ___epicondyle of the ____
medial epicondyle
of the humerus
originates from the ulna, inserts on the middle lat surface of the radius, pronates the FA & flexes at elbow
Pronator teres
inserts on the bse of the 2nd metacarpal bone, flexes & abducts the hand
flexor carpi radialis
inserts into the flexor retinaculum & _____, flexes the hand & tightens the palmar aponeurosis
palmar longus
palmar aponeurosis
multifaceted origin from the common flexor tendon ulna & radius, flexor passes through the carpal tunnel & inserts on the bodies of the middle phalanges of the medial four digits, flexes prox interphalangeal jts
flexor digitorum superficialis
arising from the ulna, inserts on the pisiform hamate, & 5th metacarpal,flexes & adducts the hand
flexor carpi ulnaris
Deep muscles of FA
originating from the radius & adj interosseous membrane, passes thru carpal tunnel,inserts on base of distal phalanz of the thumb. Flexes the interphalangeal jt of this digit
flexor pollics longus
orgin: three-fourths of the ulna & adj interosseous memb, tendons pass thru carpal tunnel, pierce tendons of the flexor digitorum superficialis, insert base of the distal pahalanges of the medial of four digits, flexes the distal interphalangeal jts of these digits
flexor digitorum profundus
orginating from the distal fourth of the ulna, inserts on the distal fourth of the radius. Intiates pronation of the forearm
Pronator quadratus
Nerves of the flexor forearm
two nerves supply cutaneous innervation to the flexor FA
lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve
musculocutaneous (skin radial side of FA)
arises from the medial cord of the brachial plexus & supplies skin on the ulnar side of the forearm
antebrachial cutaneous nerve
two motor nerves of the flexor FA are the
median & ulnar nerves
The median nerve (C5-T1) innervates all muscles of the FA except ___ and the medial part of the ____.
flexor carpi ulnaris
flexor digitorum profundus (tendons to digits 4 & 5)
the median nerve passes between the two heads of ____to lay under flexor digitorum superficialis
pronator teres
Anterior interosseous nerve descends towards the wrist on the interosseous membrane & innervates the
three deep muscles
At the wrist the meidan nerve lies on the ____side of flexor digitorum superficialis and gives off a _____branch that supplies the skin of the lateral part of the palm.
palmar cutaneous branch
The median nerve enters the hand thru the
carpal tunnel
innervates flexor carpi ulnaris and the medial portion of the flexor digitorum profundus
Ulnar nerve (C8-T1)
The ulnar nerve passes bet. two heads of _____the nerve descends toward the wrist deep to this muscle. Near the middle of the FA the ulnar artery accompanies it.
flexor carpi ulnaris
As it approaches the wrist the ulnar nerve gives off __& ___branches supply the skin of the medial part of the palm & dorsum.
palmar & dorsal cutaneous branches
Ulnar nerve & artery leave the FA by passing superficial to the ____ to the pisiform bone.
flexor retinaculum lateral
Arteries of flexor FA
courses from the cubital fossa to just medial to the tip of the styloid process of the radius. Lies under the brachioradialis mus. througout most of its course.
radial artery
Branches of the radial artery are the ____ & _____
radial recurrent artery & superficial palmar branch
Anastomoses with the radial collateral branch of profunda brachii artery, muscular branches, carpal branches
radial recurrent artery
anastomose with the ulnar artery in the hand
superficial palmar branch
radial artery leaves the forearm by winding laterally around the radius onto the dorsal aspect of the
larger than the radial art and coverd by muscles throughout most of its course.
ulnar artery
Ulnar artery Passes behind the ulnar head of pronator teres, gives off what branches
ant & post ulnar recurrent arteries, common interosseous artery (divides ant & post) mucluar, carpal branches,
distal 2/3 of FA the art is lateral to the ulnar nerve
ulnar artery
Intrinsic muscles of the palmar hand

passes deep from palmar aponeurosis are _____which divides the hand into compartments
fibrous septa
The compartments of the hand
lateral thenar (thumb) comp, medial hypothenar (little finger) comp, central comp contain long flexor tendons
Three muscles of the thenar comp are innervated by the ____. In addition to bony origins all arise from the flexor retinaculum.
recurrent branch of the median nerve
Originating from scaphoid this muscle inserts on th eprox phalanx of the 1st digit.
Abductor pollicis brevis
Abductor pollicis brevis actions
____thumb and helps it opposition (flexion & medial rotation towards 5th digit) which is the most important movement of the thumb
originating from the trapeqium, inserts on the proximal phalanx of the 1st digit, flexes thumb
flexor pollicis brevis
originating from the trapezium this muscle inserts on the shaft of the 1st metacarpal, opposes thumb
Opponens pollicis
Three muscles of the hypothenar comp. all innervated by the ___nerve
ulnar nerve
Three muscles of the hypothenar comp.
abductor digiti minimi
flexor digiti minimi
opponenes digiti minimi
originating pisiform
inserts prox phalanax of 5th digit
abducts little finger
abductor digiti minimi
origin hamate & flexor retinaculum
inserts prox phalanx 5th digit
Flexes little finger
flexor digiti minimi
origin hamate & flexor retinaculum
inserts shaft of 5th metacarpal
Opposes little finger towards the thumb
opponenes digiti minimi
Central comp contains tendons of ____& ____.
flexor digitorum superficialis & flexor digitorum profundus (as they pass towards phalanges)
Arising from tendons of the profundus are the ____muscles
lumbarical muscles
lumbarical muscles inserts into the lateral sides of the _____ of digits 2-5
extensor expansions
lumbarical muscles flex ____ and _____.
metacarpohalangeal jts and ext the interphalangeal jts
nerve innervates the two most lateral (radial) lumbricals
nerve innervates the two most medial lubricals
Deep to the comp are the __& __ muscles
adductor pollicis & interossei muscles
nerve innervates adductor pollicis & interossei muscles
ulnar nerve
arises from bases of 2nd & 3rd metacarpals (oblique head) and the body of the 3rd metacarpal (transverse head)
Inserts prox phalanx of thumb and adducts
adductor pollicis
classified as palmar or dorsal
three palmar interossei aris from the palmar surface of the _______metacarpals and insert into the extensor expansions and prox phalanges of those digits
2nd, 4th, 5th
Palmar Interossei action: _____the 2nd, 4th, 5th towards an imaginary line thru the long axis of the middle finger
Palmar Adduct
Four dorsal interossei arise from adj sides of two metacarpal bones and insert into the extensor expansions and prox phalanges of digits
Actions of the dorsal interossi: _____ 2nd, 4th, 5th digits away from imaginery line
Dorsal Abduct
Interossi also assit the lumbricals in the ___ of the metacarpalphalangeal jts & ext of the interphalangeal jts
Nerves of the palmar hand
Prox to the wrist the median nerve gives of a ____that supplies the skin of the lateral part of the palm.
palmar cutaneous branch
Median nerve passes thru the carpal tunnel and give off the ___ branch supplying the thenar muscles
recurrent branch
Median nerve divides into ___branches that send motor fibers to the 1st & 2nd lumbricals & sensory fibers to the palmar surf of the lateral 3 1/2 digits (thumb, index, middle lat half ring) and dorsum of the distal halves of these digits
digital branches
meidan & ulnar nerves provide cutaneous branches to the palmar hand not all the spinal cord segs are represented in the d
dermatome supplies the thenar eminence and thumb
dermatome supplies the index finger & middle fingers and adj palm
dermatome supplies the hypothenar eminence and ring and little finger
Ulnar artery passes over the flexor retinaculum, gives off a ____branch which passes through the hypothenar muscles and anastomoses with the terminal radial art.
deep palmar branch
the ulnar artery continues as the (after branch of deep palmar) ____ anatsomoses with a branch of the radial art.
superficial palmar arterial arch
Superficial palmar arch gives off ___arteries that supply the medial 3.5 digits
digital arteries
Prior to passing to posterior aspect of the wrist the radial artery gives off a ____branch joins the superficial palmar arch (ulnar artery)
superficial palmar branch
Artery crosses the floor of the _________ and passes thru the heads of the 1st dorsal interosseous muscle to enter the palm
anatomical snuff box
____artery supplies thumb and the radialis indicis artery supplies the lateral side of the index finger
princeps pollicis artery
the radial artery continues deep to the ____ arterial arch, anastomoses with deep palmar branch of the ulnar artery.
deep palmar arterial arch
Deep palmar gives off ____arteries that join the digital arteries from the superficial palmar arch
metacarpal arteries
A fall on the outstretched FA with the hand pronated and WR ext can result in a fx of the distal end of the radius or the ____
scaphoid (most common fx carpal)
severing the ____ nerve at the elbow causes paralysis of the long flexors or the 1st, 2nd, 3rd digits thenar mus and radial lumbricals
flexion at the prox interphalengeal jts of 4,5 are lost , attempts to make a fist 1-3 remain ext giving appearance of
hand of benediction
any condition that reduces the size of the carpal tunnel, compressing the median nerve causing pain or anethesia in the digits and weakness of the thenar muscles
carpal tunnel syn
severing the median nerve at the wrist in suicide attempt cause paralysis of the ___ muscles and ____. Can't oppose thumb, difficulty flex index, middle = ape hand
radial lumbricals
____ injury either side of the elbow or wrist can result in loss of abduction and adductions of the digits, adduction of the thumb
Ulnar injury 4,5 digits hyperext at metacarpalphalangeal jt and flex at interphalangeal jt (d/t unopposed long ext & flex) gives appearance of
claw hand
All intrinsic muscles of the hand are supplied or innervated by spinal nevre ___
T1 (median & ulnar nerves )
A heart attach may express as reffered pain through those muscles
passes superficial to muscles as it descends toward the wrist, thus inj of drugs into art mistaking for vein = serious complications
ulnar artery
Most common site for obtaining pulse rate is the distal end of the radius, radial art is subcut and lies laterally to the tendon of _____
flexor carpi radialis
the ulnar artery is palpated to the tendons of
flexor digitorum superficialis & profundus